Window dressing safety: 3 golden rules


Posted 30/11/2018

When it comes to any home improvement, safety comes first – and this is especially important when it comes to blinds. All of our blinds come with built-in safety measures, such as chain-break connectors to prevent cords from looping or becoming choking hazards. But there’s more you can do to make sure you’ve set up your blinds in the safest possible way, and put your mind at ease when it comes to protecting your home and children.

Read our guide below for top safety tips to help make your blind cords safer, reduce the risk of a potential fire in your home and advise how you can potentially protect your child from a blind hazard.


Protecting your blinds from catching fire



The easiest way to protect your blinds from a potential fire is to ensure you don’t place any open flames such as candles near your blind. And never leave a flame unattended.

These roller and vertical blinds are available in flame retardant materials – this is especially  beneficial in any room which has an open flame, such as a living room with fireplace, or a kitchen where you have gas hobs. Built with a protective layer, flame retardant blinds won’t catch fire.



Ensuring child safety around your blinds



Children are naturally curious about the world around them, so they’re likely to interact with a new blind that’s just been installed in their room.

Prepare for this by making sure you’ve installed your blinds correctly, using our step-by-step video demonstration. By securely fitting your blinds into place, you’ll reduce the chance of your child pulling them free from the bracket – which can happen if they yank the blind cord too hard.

If possible, it can also be a good idea to keep furniture away from your windows, so small children can’t climb up and reach the blind. 



Cord safety



Our blinds are made with a maximum length of one metre and fitted with a cord safety device, allowing you to easily move the cord out of harm’s way. You should avoid tying cords together or in a knot and make sure your cords don’t twist and create a loop. To ensure maximum safety, install the cord cleat or tidy which is included your purchase. This fits against the side of your blind and stores your cord in a plastic compartment to limit its length and keep your cord twist free.


Put your mind at ease by following these simple approaches to blind safety.


For more guidance on how to keep your home safe, read our guide on child safety around blinds or check out more top tips.


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