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Roman Blinds

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Get the luxury look for less with Roman Blinds.


Roman Blinds offer the same  luxurious look for your home that curtains can, however they’re for the fraction of the cost!  As an extra bonus, many of our Roman Blinds are also available as made to measure curtains, so you can achieve a pleasing cohesive look!  


At 247 blinds we aim to provide you with the best and latest looks, trends and textile options to ensure the best choice for your living space.  From soft-touch velvets,  minimalist linens, to jewel tones silks, and modern synthetic materials,  our range of plain fabrics are a versatile collection, helping you achieve a sleek monochrome finish, or providing a saturated colour backdrop dripping with luxury.


The twin sister to curtains, our Roman Blinds are carefully cut, crafted and shipped to your home from right here in the UK.  Utilising a dream combination of traditional methods, passed down generations, and modern technology, we aim for the highest quality and finish possible.


247 blinds chooses the very best of fabrics imported from various locations; from the textile giants of Yorkshire and the north of England, to modern start-ups in the inner cities, to exotic patterns and prints imported from the textile power houses of Turkey and Israel.  Our fabrics provide a wide range of colours, prints and textures, and with our FREE sampling service and superfast delivery times, you’ll have your windows covered in no time at all with these fantastic blinds.  


Leaning on our extensive expertise, we’ll answer all there is to know about Roman blinds, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your new blinds are in safe hands.


What are Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds feature a soft fabric that, when you open the blind, create a pleat that folds underneath itself when raised.  This is achieved by splitting the fabric into panels, with a lift rod sewn into the back lining, and cords fed onto these rods to ‘lift’ the panels up and underneath each other.  This forms a neat concertina-like, or pleated,  look.  These panels of fabrics should be even, with a neat, even lift when the blind is open.

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What control is on a Roman blind?

Our Roman Blinds feature what is called a superior ‘sidewinder’ mechanism, which offers a more durable, modern finish over the traditional cord pull and lock system. Using this system, Roman Blinds are smoothly opened and closed, with an easy chrome chain control.  The chrome is rust-resistant, as are the brackets, meaning you’ll have a product that looks its best throughout the seasons.

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What do Roman Blinds look like from the outside?


As the back of our Roman Blinds have to be lined, you’ll be able to see this from the outside of the window.  This lining can be ivory, white or cream in colour.  You can also expect to see the little pockets where the stability, or raise  rods, are sewn into place.  As we’re passionate about our products, the back from the outside will feature the clean look that the lining provides, while on the inside you’ll be able to enjoy the extra thermal properties and beautiful fabric at the front.

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How much do Roman Blinds cost?

The price of Roman blinds will vary considerably between the type of fabric used, the brand of the product, and the different lining options that you can choose. Roman blinds can range from medium to high-range, especially for the more expensive embroidered fabrics, but can be considerably cheaper than curtains or shutters.  The cheapest blinds on our site are from just £25*, and for a 120 cm by 120 cm (the average window size), are from around £74*.

Prices correct as of March 2022

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Where are Roman Blinds made?

Our Roman Blinds are made in the north of England, in the UK, in the heart of the Yorkshire textile homeland.  Using quality seamstresses and cutting-edge technology, we aim for high-quality standards to ensure your blinds will look their best for years to come.  By combining this with the best possible customer care team, and rigorous training, we hope you’ll come to love our brand and products. We’re so confident, we offer a fantastic 5-year guarantee, so you can rest easy, and let us do the rest  — you just need to fit the blind, then sit back and enjoy your handiwork.

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How much do Roman Blinds cost?

The price of Roman Blinds will vary considerably between the type of fabric used, the brand of the product, and the different lining options available. Roman Blinds are generally considered a luxury type of blind.

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