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Posted 29/12/2023

Interior design is constantly evolving, cycling nostalgic trends with fresh twists. As we approach 2024, classic trends and new styles alike are rising in popularity. Interior Designer at 247 Blinds, Amy Wilson, sheds light on these trends, offering her expert insights on how to easily incorporate them in your own space in the new year.



Minimalism meets luxury, Minimaluxe is all about embracing a form of luxury that's understated and approachable. Characterised by pared-back decor, it focuses on natural, durable, and comfortable pieces that ooze 'quiet luxury'. This trend shies away from the shiny, gold-plated, plush textures of classic luxury in favour of an elevated but accessible aesthetic, often realised with a trusty palette of soft neutrals. 


Amy explains the essence of minimalist decor:


"The Minimaluxe trend aims to create an elevated and calm space in your home. Whilst originally this trend may have been all about grey shades, in 2024 you can expect to see putty and earthy neutrals as well as very pale pastel shades. These new minimal, neutral tones are the ideal canvas for more luxe accents and accessories. A few metallics dotted around and a tiny tocch of black will keep this style super sophisticated, but remember, less is more with this trend!"


Our top Minimaluxe picks:

Neutral minimalist bedroom with floor to ceiling curtains.Neutral minimalist bedroom with floor to ceiling curtains.
Instagram: @lydfordhome
Neutral living room with candles and soft furnishings.Neutral living room with candles and soft furnishings.
Instagram: @faffing_at_home



If you want your space to feel like a warm hug, look no further! Comfortcore is synonymous with creating a cosy, safe, and relaxing environment that you just can't wait to come home to. This trend indulges in soft and snuggly textures such as teddy bear, boucle, chenille, and velvet, complemented by soft, warm colour tones. 


Amy shares how to incorporate Comfortcore in your own space:


"Comfortcore is all about creating a cosy, safe space that utilises warm, ambient lighting, and luxurious textures. Boucle has been extremely popular in 2023 and is ideal for creating a comfortable environment, along with utilising other soft furnishings such as comfy throws, and oversized cushions. When it comes to creating an ambiently lit environment, crucial to comfortcore, you can utilise natural lighting and keep warmth in with Roman or roller blinds, alongside using artificial lighting such as lamps."


Our comfy comfortcore picks:

Hollywood Glam


Reminiscent of the Art Deco era, Hollywood Glam brings back the excessive, glamarous, and decadent element of interior design for those with a more maximalist taste! It's all about incorporating vintage items and Art Deco inspired patterns characterised by clean geometric lines.


Amy shares the origins of this interior trend:


"A touch of pure luxe will inspire our interiors in 2024. Working a hint of Hollywood into your home can be done with a touch of Art Deco. 100 years on from the beginning of the Art Deco maximalist movement, scalloped shapes and bold geometric forms are becoming staples of the maximalist interior style, favoured by luxury hotels and restaurants, and integral to Hollywood interiors." 


Our nominations for the most fabulous Hollywood-inspired window coverings are:

Maximalist pink and green bedroom with matching pink blinds and curtains.Maximalist pink and green bedroom with matching pink blinds and curtains.
Interior Curve, Siobhan Murphy
Pastel colourful kitchen with a baby pink roller blind.Pastel colourful kitchen with a baby pink roller blind.
Instagram: @homewithhelenandco

Dopamine Decor


Dopamine Decor is all about creating spaces that boost your mood, making this a truly unique trend which is entirely formed by your own taste and things that make you smile! This trend popularly focuses on incorporating bright and bold dopamine-inducing colours, clashing patterns, and statement pieces to create roooms that aren't just visually appealing, but also emotionally uplifting. It's the interior style that makes you smile!


Amy suggests a more approachable way of indroducing Dopamine Decor to your space:


"Dopamine Decor will help you bring a mood-boosting aesthetic to your home. It should be colourful, fun, and full of personality. However, this doesn't mean your approach can't be gentle too; contrasting hues are ideal for creating a colourful boost, but you can use these in softer tones if you're worried about overpowering your space."


After a window dressing that makes you smile? We've got you covered:

Rustic Farmhouse


The Rustic Farmhouse trend embraces darker, cabin-like hues and focuses on incorporating natural elements like reclaimed woods, and exposed beams. This style aims to create a sense of tranquility and warmth, reminiscent of a countryside retreat.


Amy explains the basic of the Rustic Farmhouse look:


"Dreaming of escaping to a countryside haven seems to be continually popular in the world of interiors. Shabby chic, wooden furnishings, and antique decor should be front of mind if you're wanting to create this feel."


Our top picks to create your very own countryside retreat:

Rustic farmhouse style kitchen / diner with exposed beams and brick. Rustic farmhouse style kitchen / diner with exposed beams and brick.
Rhea, Meringue - Made to Measure Curtains

These trends for 2024 offer a rich palette of styles to choose from. Whether you're seeking serenity, comfort, glamour, vibrancy, or rustic charm; you can easily incorporate these interior trends by making small changes to your space. Start with updating your window dressings to refresh the room, then introduce small cohesive pieces to subtly update your home for the new year. 

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