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5 tips to a brighter room in peak winter

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Posted 01/03/2018


It can feel like the darkness of the winter months drags on forever. With shorter days and much longer nights, those precious hours of daylight seem fleeting. But a little bit of light in your home can go a long way to enhancing your mood – and the feel of your interior. With the right styling, you can help brighten up your home and combat those darker days.

Check out our top five tips to discover what you can do to shed a little more light in your home.


1. Embrace the daylight



Make the most of every second of daylight and let those natural rays shine into your home with the right window dressing. There are plenty of blinds designed to help you make the most of the sunshine, without compromising on privacy. Vista blinds enable the light to stream in, while giving you control over your privacy levels thanks to its tilting mechanism. Classic plantation shutters are also available in versatile cafe styles, so you can embrace that sunlight without worrying about prying eyes.


2. Opt for bright and breezy colours



The colour scheme in your home can go a long way to helping your create a brighter atmosphere. Opt for a colour scheme that embraces light, playing with neutral shades like whites and creams to add a little more brilliance to a room. When the sunlight shines into your home, you’ll find lighter colours will illuminate a space more than darker shades. Match your window dressings to this theme to create the full effect. A light-coloured roller blind will help to increase the brightness of your room too.



3. Bring more lights into your home



When the sun does descend, the introduction of more lamps into your home will help to keep the darkness at bay. Opt for portable standing or table top designs and dot them throughout your home to create a lighting scheme that will make for a brighter home. They’ll work to bring more light, while also adding a focal point to your interior design. Whether you’re into contemporary style or something more traditional, a well-placed lamp can complement your theme.


4. Clear out clutter



To avoid feeling cramped in your home, take the time to have a winter clear out. Too many knick-knacks and pieces of furniture can create shadow and leave you feeling overcrowded during the darker months. Once you’ve decluttered, you’ll have created an airy space that will feel brighter and more accessible even when night falls.



5. Opt for natural features



In the midst of winter, you’ll long for the bright shades of nature and the great outdoors. Complement neutral tones with the occasional burst of colour. A green cushion, red throw or blue rug will work wonders to further brighten up a room and bring a hint of the outdoors in.


Embrace more light in your home, even in the darker months, with these handy tips on how to brighten up your interior.