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Posted 01/07/2024

Give your windows a refresh in seconds with our revolutionary Twist&Fit blinds! No drills or tools necessary, simply twist and go! Twist&Fit installation is available as an upgrade on hundreds of made to measure roller blinds and Roman blinds, read on to learn more about these no-fuss window coverings!

How do Twist& Fit blinds work?

Twist&Fit blinds stay up thanks to a clever tension-fit mechanism. These blinds have a spring-loaded ‘plunge-end’ which can be compressed to allow you to get the blind into your window recess, then extended and tightened using a cog to secure it into place. 

The benefits of Twist&Fit Blinds

Lightening Fast Install

In less than 30 seconds! If you don’t believe us check out this video!

No Drills

 …or tools or screws!  Making them ideal for renters or those with metal lintels, fragile walls, or aversions to power tools!


No Mess

No drilling means no dust or plaster left to hoover off your windowsill once your blind is in place.


Easy to Remove

Twist&Fit blinds are just as easy to take down as they are to install, perfect for redecorating or cleaning. They also don’t leave any unsightly holes in your window recess!


Made to Measure

All of our blinds are made exact to your windows measurements, including Twist&Fit blinds, ensuring a perfect fit.


5-year Guarantee

Every blind we sell comes with a five year warranty as standard - so you can be confident your Twist&Fit blinds will stick around!


Functional and Fabulous

As well as looking the part, our range of Twist&Fit blinds includes plenty of practical features allowing you to sprinkle some functionality at your windows edge. Discover blackout Twist&Fit blinds, perfect for bedrooms, 100% waterproof rollers for bathrooms, or our range of thermal Twist&Fits for keeping rooms well-insulated all year long.

White no-drill roller blindWhite no-drill roller blind
Trinity (Blackout) White - Twist&Fit Roller Blind
Pink no-drill roller blindPink no-drill roller blind
Trinity (Blackout) Fuschia - Twist&Fit Roller Blind

Which blinds are available in Twist&Fit?

Twist&Fit installation is available as an upgrade on most roller blinds and selected Roman blinds! This includes a whole kaleidoscope of colours, textures and patterns to suit every decor style, as well as energy-saving and light blocking fabrics. 

For Twist&Fit Roman blinds you can choose from three lining options, standard, blackout, or bonded thermal interlining!


How do I measure for Twist&Fit blinds?

Measuring for Twist&Fit blinds is simple, you just need the wall-to-wall width and drop measurement of your window recess. To get these measurements simply use a metal tape measure to find the width along the top of your recess, where the blind will sit. Then measure the drop at the left, centre, and right side of your recess and use the smallest drop to place your order. We take care of any deductions to ensure your blind and its fitting all fit snug inside the recess. 

For more information or details on measuring part-tiled recesses for Twist&Fit, check out the ‘How to Measure Your Blinds section on the Twist&Fit blind you’re interested in!

How do I install Twist&Fit blinds?

Installing Twist&Fit blinds is super straight-forward. For Roman Twist&Fit blinds you’ll want to start by detaching the fabric from the headrail so it doesn’t get creased. Then simply make sure the cog on the plunge-end is twisted all the way out, allowing you to push down the plunger completely. 

Next guide the blind into the recess, plunge-end first. Make sure everything is level, then twist the cog back towards the blind to secure the blind in place. Re-attach the fabric for Roman blinds and you’re done! 

If you’re a visual learner, check out our installation video, or for more information check out our Twist&Fit Roller Fitting Guide or Twist&Fit Roman Fitting Guide!


Twist&Fit is all about making your life easier and your home snazzier. It's about less time installing and more time enjoying. Why complicate when you can simplify? Explore our range of made to measure Twist&Fit no drill blinds today to update your space in a twist!

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