Getting the best use of your blinds throughout the day


Posted 13/11/2018

Blinds can work wonders for your interior aesthetic, as they bring the whole look of a room together. Whether you want a bold-coloured window dressing that makes a statement, or a subtle pattered piece that blends in seamlessly, there are blinds out there that can help you achieve any design aim.

Blinds don’t just look good – they’re practical, too. Some help you keep the light out completely so you can sleep better in summer, while others help keep the heat in during the winter months. Different rooms will suit from different style blinds, depending on their functionality.

From sunrise to sunset, find out how you can maximise the use of your blinds around your home.





When dawn breaks on a new day and the sun starts to rise, grab a few extra moments in bed with blackout blinds. Made with a special lining, blackout blinds can help stop natural light from pouring in so you can relax that little bit longer. If you work night shifts, this window dressing can keep the world out as you catch up on some sleep.

With our made-to-measure services you can make sure your blackout blinds seamlessly fit your window, so no sunlight can creep in around the sides of the material.  



Getting ready



Plantation shutters add a stylish yet practical twist to your bathroom. The slats are designed to let the optimum amount of sunlight inside, while maintaining the privacy you need. That means you can have a bathroom that’s beautifully illuminated with natural light without compromising on the seclusion you need – and vice versa.






The kitchen becomes a hive of activity with lunchtime approaching. Whether you’re preparing lunch or getting a head start on cooking up a tasty teatime meal, this is the place to be.

Venetian blinds are a modern addition to any kitchen area – with plenty of styles, materials and colours to choose from. Some varieties are made from PVC, which means they won’t warp or crack in the steamy atmosphere of a kitchen. They’re also really easy to clean, so can handle anything lunchtime can throw at it. 





If you’re looking to spend the afternoon relaxing with a good book or focusing on some work, day night blinds can be ideal. They have an additional layer of translucent strips which can be adjusted to control the light you’re letting in or the level of privacy you want. This style of window dressing is great for studies or quiet areas in your home, allowing you to look out into the world for inspiration or close it off when you need to focus.






With the day drawing to a close, spend the evening in total comfort with the help of roller blinds. As well as completing the look of your room from a design point of view, roller blinds can be pulled right down to keep the heat in, too. This creates a cosy oasis without any outdoor lighting creeping in – giving you the chance to unwind in peace in front of the TV.


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