Colours We Love This Season


Posted 22/01/2019

Colours We Love This Season

We might be in the grip of winter and you might shiver at the thought of heading outside, but pull back the curtains and you’ll see a huge range of inspiring colours. We’ve done just that this week, and come up with a few colours that you might want to think about adding to your home this season.


Dark Browns

Okay so this isn’t so much a shade as it is an entire corner of the colour chart. If you want to be able to let the natural world inspire you, then now is the time of year to do it. The woody browns that come in so many subtly different shades are perfect if you want to add a homely touch to the living room. Some posses reddy hues, others have gentle hints of orange shining through from the background. Find one that works for you, and you’ll have found the missing piece that completes your decor puzzle.


Crisp Yellow

We’re not talking about a bright sunshine summer yellow here, more of a gentler more sombre yellow that sits gently in the background. It’s the colour you see if you look hard enough when you kick through the leaves early in the morning, and it’s a colour that will allow you to add some soft light to your home.


Pale Blue

Stepping outside at this time of year is the best way to instantly feel refreshed. It’s crisp, it’s calming, and it puts a smile on your face. A soft pale blue is often all you need to be able to add that sensation to your indoor spaces, and it allows you to do it in such a way that doesn’t require you to sacrifice the existing portfolio of colours. Use it in a space where you want to feel rested and relaxed, and you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your day.

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