How to Find Your Own Style


Posted 24/01/2019

When you want to put your own mark on your home, the best thing you can possibly do is to discover your own style. It’s what makes your house feel like a home, rather than having it look like a show home from a catalogue. It’s what brings your decor to life and makes you feel at ease the moment you put your key in the door; but how do you find it…


Be Original

Browsing catalogues, design sites, and Pinterest is a great way to find the spark of inspiration you’re looking for, but it has its pitfalls. If you fall in love with a particular look or style, try and avoid replicating the first picture you see. You’ll like the outcome of course, but you might not love it. Just remember, your home is your little oasis away from it all, so why emulate one particular look? Take inspiration from a whole host of influences, and bring everything that you like together in a truly original way.


Be Creative

No matter what you want to achieve, throwing in a little sprinkling of creativity is the best way to get it done. Immerse yourself in a whole load of pictures and ideas, and then find a unique way to bring your vision to life in your home. That way you’ll be able to fuse your chosen style with the quirky features that only your home has.


Be Yourself

If all the magazines are telling you that a particular style is all the rage, but you don’t like it, you don’t have to have it. All you need is to create something that puts a smile on your face when you walk in the room. Be yourself by expressing what you like through your decor and you’ll be able to create a relaxing little haven away from it all.

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