Discovering the Magic of Blackout Blinds: Getting the Kids to Sleep

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Posted 24/06/2019

Have you ever wondered why your little ones seem to wake up at random times when you don’t? Confused as to why it seems to happen so much more in the sunnier summer months? Thought so! To answer all of your questions, and suggest some (stylish) solutions, we’ve put together a simple 2-minute read that’ll take care of everything. Enjoy!


How Do Blackout Blinds Work?

Blackout blinds are the experts when it comes to blocking out all of the unwanted light from outside. You might think that you want to wake up the natural way with the sunlight, but research has shown that you’re far better off getting some solid sleep. Whilst this is true for you, it’s doubly true for the little ones because they’re still growing.


Blackout blinds absorb up to 99% of the light that lands on them, and then reflect it back outside. The great thing about this is it keeps the kid’s room or the nursery pitch black in the summer, and it actually helps to keep the heat in during the winter. In fact, you can improve the thermal efficiency by up to 25%, as well as making bedtimes a doddle!


How Much Do Blackout Blinds Cost?

Many moons ago when blackout blinds were the new kid on the decor block they would cost you more. But now many of the most popular fabrics come in a blackout option that’s only marginally more expensive. There’s a far bigger variation in price between two fabric designs than there are between standard and blackout fabrics these days. So don’t worry, you’ll never even notice the difference!


Are There Any Downsides?

The only downside is that if they don’t fit right, you’ll still get a narrow beam of light coming in around the edges. How do we solve that for you we hear you ask? Made to measure!


Do Blackout Blinds Work Right Throughout the Year?


They certainly do, and as we mentioned earlier they also reduce your heating bill in the winter months. But heating bills are a story for another day, because right now you have to contend with the long summer days. The sun will come up around 5am (at time of writing) but it will change continuously, getting earlier as we get deeper into summer. This causes the body to produce the hormones that wake the little one up, and then keeps them wide awake the moment their eyes open. A big problem when you consider it’s still broad daylight at bedtime.


A Great Option in the Nursery



The nursery is the room that is crying out for blackout blinds at this time of year. The household’s newest member is growing at a serious rate of knots, which is why it’s essential they get plenty of beauty sleep. To give you some food for thought we’ve pulled together a few of our favourites for you.


Some Great Options For Boys



Whether your little one is dreaming of playing for Manchester United, or being a bonafide dinosaur hunter, they need to sleep right through the night. Here’s a few touches of style that will help them do just that.


And Some Beautiful Options For Girls



It doesn’t matter whether your little girl is dreaming of becoming the next Serena Williams, or wants to sing on stage for the whole world to see, she needs to rest easy when it’s time for lights out. These designs will make bedtimes great again!


Final Thoughts

Blackout blinds will make every parent’s lives that little bit easier, and they’ll do it in style. If you want to make sure you’re never woken in the early hours of the morning again, it’s all about keeping the sunlight at bay so the sleeping routine sticks right throughout the year.

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