How iconic fantasy villain's would style their home offices in 2021 - find your villainous style...


Posted 19/01/2021

Image source: Unsplash


Many of us are now used to the working from home lifestyle, with virtual coffee breaks with colleagues and lunch time strolls around the neighbourhood having become our reality. 


What may have started off as a struggle to find motivation has now become the new normal and, the chances are, you’ve found yourself the perfect spot to crack on with your to-do list from the comfort of your home. 


Whether you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated office at home, or you’ve taken to working from your sofa or bed, having an inspiring and stylish set-up can really help with productivity levels when you’ve got a busy day ahead. 


If you’re looking to spruce up your WFH space, take some inspiration from some of your favourite childhood characters. Though princesses and heroes often get a lot of attention for their fashion sense, let’s not forget the iconic style and personality of fantasy villains. Their intentions may not always be quite right, but they’re hardworking with a distinct sense of style to match, so which fantasy villain are you?

To help you recreate the look in your own home, we’ve launched a stunning new range of villainous inspired blinds that are the perfect finishing touch to your home work space.


Name: Shell Shocked roller blind

Description: Chic and unique, the Shell Shocked roller blind appeals to all crustacean lovers who cannot resist a scallop design. Featuring black clamshells and a bright lilac lining, this design is sure to bring an aquatic appeal to your interiors. 


This ocean-inspired blind would feature well in your kitchen or dining room - allow it to wash over your windows and add a little fish fashion to your interior wish list.


Name: Go for gold roller blind

Description: Permeated with Persian influence, the Go for Gold roller blind will add some serious opulence to any room. With a handsome navy base and an ornate gold pattern overlay, this design is all about embracing lavish design. 


The gold-finished blind would sit perfectly in your master bedroom or bathroom: indulge a little with this luxurious print and enjoy the finer details.


Name: Bewitched Branch roller blind

Description: Bringing the outside in with hints of twigs and trees, the Bewitched Branch roller blind will bring elements of gothic design into your home. Inspired by colours of the night, the design is fuelled by deep purples, night-time greys and dark blacks. 


This blind would bring the ambience to any dining room and act as a subtle conversation starter. Paired against neutral greys and creams, this blind is something to be admired.


Name:Dalmatian Black roller blind

Description: Dalmatian Black brings a playful and devious character to the mix, and all with a design that feels like anyone could have created it. The great thing about it is that it gets the balance between elegance and impulsion just right, and all you have to do is stand back and admire it.


As you search for a space to hang your new roller blind, think about what you want to achieve. If you're looking for a classic print that adds depth and sophistication to your interiors, then the dining room would be the obvious choice.


Name: Frosty Flame roller blind

Description: Bringing the perfect balance between fiery hot and icy cold, the Frosty Flame roller blind will help incorporate a too-cool feel to your living room. Acting as a centrepiece with its distinct pattern and sapphire tone, this flame-like design is sure to stand out.


Why not add a little steam to your bathroom and find the perfect mix between hot and cold?

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