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Posted 13/05/2023

How safe is your house?How safe is your house?


How safe is your house? Top tips to deter Burglars from the experts! 

Are you one of the 42% of UK residents who have heightened concerns about the security of your home? You're not alone. Recent statistics have shown that burglary rates have been increasing in certain areas, with May, August, October, and January being the months with the highest number of incidents. The majority of burglaries take place between 6pm and 6am, with 70% of incidents occurring during the week. 

Age, housing type, and family status can also impact your risk of burglary. For example, those aged 18-24 are twice as likely to be burgled as those over 35. While those living in a flat, apartment or maisonette are more at risk than any other building. Single parents with children are the most targeted group by burglars. Plus, the financial impact of a burglary can be significant, with the average cost to victims coming in at £458.91!  

 With this in mind, we’ve explored some of the key ways you can protect your home, and reduce your risk of burglary to enjoy greater peace of mind - including teaming up with a home security expert, to share some expert tips on what you can look out for to deter burglars.



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The weakest security points in your home

Are locks enough? 47% of people seem to think so. In our recent survey of 2,000 UK residents, we found that those over 45+ believe strong locks on windows and doors to suffice alone as a security measure.

Luckily only 8% of our nation do not have any home security measures in place, but that doesn’t mean you are burglar-proof. Jonathan Wall, UK General Manager at home security specialists Simplisafe, shares the biggest weak points in your home security:

“When thinking about vulnerable places to enter your home, windows are one of the first things that come to mind. Putting locks on your windows is an effective way to help prevent forced entry by prying windows open, but in the worst case scenario, entry sensors can alert you the moment they detect foul play. This is also an amazing deterrent, as burglars are extremely unlikely to continue their efforts if an alarm is blaring!

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"Garages may also be a prime target, as while they may be trickier to get into, the lure of valuables is often one burglars can’t help but fall for. Make sure you’ve got a sturdy lock on the door, as well as installing motion sensors for an extra layer of protection. Any valuables or potential theft targets should be hidden if possible, behind objects that otherwise would seem inconspicuous e.g. paint, car cleaning products, and any other odds and ends you might have in there. 


"You could also invest in wireless entry sensors to alert you whenever the garage door is opened without your say so (depending on your style of garage door), and with many of these sensors working over surprisingly long distances, they can be great tools to help protect most garages and outbuildings.

“Last but certainly not least for vulnerable points are your front and back doors. Similar to the others, a good lock and alarm/sensor system is the best port of call here, along with installing a deadbolt of some sort if you want to ensure safety. Many of us also have spare keys, and it’s vital that these are not left in places that will be easy to find. This will be one of the first things potential burglars look for, so if you do have one make sure it is thoroughly hidden or left with a trusted neighbour.” 


The best ways to deter burglars

Many from the survey (25%) stated they had a ring doorbell or CCTV as their key security for the measure to help protect them from burglaries, alongside motion-activated outdoor lighting, lighting on timers and gated driveways. 

Jonathan advises:

“Something that can also be easy to forget is making sure all entrances to your home, windows and all, are locked properly before bed or leaving the house for any reason, denying thieves any easy opportunities. This is even more important in areas that experience higher levels of these incidents, such as student-heavy areas where thieves may be preying on those who have forgotten to lock up and could have expensive new laptops and other gadgets inside, so don’t leave it to chance.”

Interestingly, those who are aged between 18-24 found their dog(s) as a comfort and top security measure for break-ins, with 30% stating this was their most effective method.  

Some people surveyed also thought having a neighbour, family, or friend check in to the house whilst you are away from the house as a strong security measure. Alternatively, installing motorised electric blinds will enable you to open and close your blinds when you're away from your home using your mobile phone. To give the impression that someone is home without having to rely on anyone. 

Protecting your home with blinds 

Protecting your home from burglars is a top priority for many homeowners, and one effective way to do so is by using blinds as a deterrent. By keeping your blinds closed, you can prevent potential burglars from scoping out your home and identifying potential targets. 

In our recent survey, we discovered that those aged 25-34 rely most on motorised blinds that can be set on a timer to deter burglars. These smart blinds can create the illusion that someone is home even when you're away, which can make your home a less attractive target for potential burglars.

With a range of motorised options available, we can help you to create a secure living environment that not only looks great but gives you greater peace of mind.

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