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Posted 19/04/2023


Noticed a build-up of dust and dirt on your roller blinds? Regular cleaning of your rollers is essential to maintain their appearance and durability. In this guide we've gathered all of our expert tips on how to clean roller blinds, so they look and function like new for longer. 


What This Guide Will Cover:


- What you need to wash your roller blinds

- How to clean roller blinds without taking them down

- Stain removal

- Mould prevention

- Frequently Asked Questions

What You'll Need To Clean Your Roller Blinds:


- A vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment

- A bowl of warm soapy water (heavily diluted mild detergent is best!)

- A sponge or soft cloth

- A dry cloth or towel


How to Clean Roller Blinds Without Taking Them Down (Step by Step):


The good news is you don't have to take your roller blinds out of their brackets to give them a clean! Simply extend your roller blind so you have access to both sides of the fabric, then give them a onceover using your the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove any dust and debris.


White roller blind in a beige bedroom. White roller blind in a beige bedroom.
Verona (Blackout), Pure White - Roller Blind

How to Remove Stains from your Roller Blinds

Removing stains from your roller blinds is simpler than you might think. Start by lightly dusting your blinds to ensure no loose debris interferes with the cleaning process. For light stains, gently dab with a soft, damp cloth using mild soapy water, be careful not to oversaturate the fabric.

Once you've treated the stain, allow your blinds to air dry completely by opening the window.

For high-traffic areas prone to splashes and stains like kitchens - we'd always recommend going for our 100% waterproof roller blinds. These PVC blinds can be wiped clean with no risk of damaging the fabric, making them a practical, low-maintenance option!


A green, patterned roller blind with a tropical, leaf print.A green, patterned roller blind with a tropical, leaf print.
Patterned roller blinds are a great way to add a touch of character to your space!

How to Prevent Mould on your Roller Blinds


If you have fabric roller blinds in your bathroom or kitchen, or your blinds are coming into regular contact with condensation on your windows, and they are not able to dry fully, they may develop mould. 


To prevent mould build up, opt for waterproof roller blinds in areas of the home that are more likely to become damp, or opt for our anti-fungal, anti-bacterial range of roller blinds, specially treated to resist mould as well as various germs and nasties. 


If you don't have waterproof roller blinds, make sure you allow your blinds to dry completely whenever they get wet to prevent mould from forming. You can leave a window open to improve ventilation or use a dehumidifier if your home gets particularly humid!


Explore our range of 100% waterproof blinds - perfect for bathrooms and kitchens!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you steam clean roller blinds?


Whilst steam cleaning can be effective, it's not recommended for roller blinds as the steam can damage the fabric and warp the blinds. 


Can you wash roller blinds in the washing machine?


Although it might seem like a quick fix, we definitely wouldn't recommend putting your roller blinds in the washing machine as you risk warping and damaging the fabric. 


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