Genius ways to clean your blinds


Posted 08/05/2017


Springtime is here and it’s time for a full reinvigorating clean. A great way to refresh your home is cleaning your window dressings. Whether you’ve got wooden slats, aluminium Venetian’s or a soft fabric Roman fitting, we know that blinds are not the easiest household item to keep dust-free. If you want to know which blinds are easy to clean, we’ve simplified them all and found some clever solutions that’ll keep your blinds sparkling.


The vacuum cleaner

Your trusty hoover can make short work of those pesky dust mites and lint particles. This method is suitable for all types of blind, simply use the brush attachment for a soft yet targeted approach that will lift dust and debris. This type of nozzle is perfect for fabric blinds as well as slatted fittings, whether they are wooden, aluminium or vertical.

When you’re cleaning, the key is to be thorough and careful, so this gentle brush attachment will clean your blinds without damaging the finish. Move your vacuum down the length of the slats, whether they’re vertical or horizontal. By doing this you avoid the risk of damaging the way your blinds hang, and increase the chance of covering the whole blind.


The feather duster

Versatile and flexible, your feather duster can reach just about every lint-covered nook and dust-filled cranny in your house, making it perfect for cleaning your blinds. Always start from the top and keep your slats as flat as possible when using your feather duster. Move it along the full surface of each slat to remove every bit of dirt.

Top Tip: When you’ve finished dusting, go over each slat again using an anti-static dryer sheet. The anti-static qualities will repel dust and lint for longer after you’ve finished your clean.


The odd sock

Everyone has an odd sock at the back of their drawer that has definitely seen better days. How about taking it out of retirement to clean your non-fabric blinds? Simply slip the clean sock onto your hand and gently hold a slat between your thumb and fingers to cover both sides of it. Move your hand along the full surface of the slat - in doing so, you’ll remove the dust from both sides of the slat. It’s a longer process than vacuuming, but it’s extremely soft on the blinds and a great way to avoid any scratches or nicks on the surfaces.

Top Tip: For your non-fabric blinds, use a little furniture polish for high sheen and extra protection against moisture. This is particularly useful on wooden blinds, as too much exposure to water can lead to cracks and warping.

When you’re getting to work on your spring clean, don’t forget about your blinds. They may seem like a time-consuming task, but with our handy tips you’ll soon whizz through the cleaning and have your window fittings looking spotless in no time.

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