How to clean Venetian blinds


Posted 27/09/2018

Fitting seamlessly into both modern and traditional aesthetics, Venetian blinds are the perfect addition to any home. Plus, they allow you to control the amount of natural light you let in, as well as adding some additional privacy. In short, this window dressing is both practical and pretty.

Whether you’ve installed stunning faux wood Venetian blinds in your kitchen or added a neutral number to your living space, keeping your blinds looking their best is simple. We’ve put together a few simple tips so you can help your window dressing stand the test of time.


Cleaning venetian blinds #1: wipe with damp cloth



If there’s a build-up of dirt and grime which won’t budge with a duster, use a slightly damp cloth to run over the slats. This should help lift any stains and keep your blinds looking fresh.

Make sure you apply gentle rather than heavy pressure when you’re cleaning. It’ll reduce the risk of your blinds becoming damaged. If you have real wood blinds, stay away from using water or a damp cloth as this could cause your blinds to warp. Stick to a dry duster.



Cleaning venetian blinds tip #2: get out the duster



Whenever you’re brushing down cobwebs or cleaning around woodwork with a feather duster, don’t forget to give your blinds a quick once over too. Feather dusters are ideal for slotting through the slats and getting right to the back of each panel. Plus, you only need to brush lightly for them to pick up any specks of dust, so you won’t run the risk of scratching or damaging them.



Cleaning venetian blinds tip #3: run over them with your vacuum 



A quick way to smarten up your Venetian blinds is to run over them with the hose of your vacuum cleaner. Using the brush attachment, you can glide over the slats and the fittings, lifting dust and dirt from the harder-to-reach places. Try not to press too hard when you’re cleaning to avoid scratching them. Remember to run the vacuum over the window sill afterwards to collect any dust which has fallen from your blinds.  


Cleaning venetian blinds tip #4: use a sock



Trust us – old socks can be a godsend for cleaning Venetian blinds. Slip a sock over your hand and use it wipe down both the top and bottom side of your slats. It may take slightly longer than running over them with a vacuum cleaner, but it’s a gentle way to remove dust – so you won’t need to worry about damaging the surface of your blinds by being too heavy-handed. 


Cleaning venetian blinds tip #5: buff with a touch of furniture polish



Once you’ve removed all the dust, dirt and grime, add some finishing touches with furniture polish. You only need to spritz a tiny bit onto your cloth. Even just a light buff will give your slats a sleek-sheen finish. However, make sure you only use furniture polish on non-fabric blinds – it can damage other varieties.


Cleaning your Venetian blinds doesn’t need to be difficult. With these cleaning suggestions you can keep them looking great all year round. Check out our comprehensive guide to maintaining your blinds – and check out other practical tips.


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