How to dress a bay window: Ideas that suit every style

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Posted 13/04/2021

Blessed with a home that has one of our favourite period features front and centre? If you’re anything like us then you’ll be wracking your brains to figure out how to dress them in style. Luckily for you our Style Gurus have come up with a whole host of bay window dressing ideas that are reading and waiting for you. Read on…


Roller blinds keep things simple and elegant



Curtains or blinds for bay windows? It’s the question people have been asking for years, and we think the moment you take a look at your roller blind options you’ll know the answer!


With a whole host of elegant and slimline styles to add to your home, roller blinds are the quick and easy way to change things up with the minimum of effort. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to dress your home to impress without breaking the bank.


If you want to make the right pick, here’s 3 things you need to think about:


- Find a colour that is an effortless fit with the rest of the room and your view. That way you won’t have to wrestle to try and get it to fit it

- Get creative with your use of light and space in the rest of the room so your bay windows still look the part with the new rollers down

- Decide whether you want a simple monochrome, a textured fabric, or a pattern that catches your eye the moment you walk through the door


Roman Blinds add some sophisticated style



When it’s time to make your house feel like home by adding that extra touch of sophistication, there’s only one style of blinds we’d reach for. Roman blinds have that touch of style that elevates your bay windows and invites you to get a little more ornate and elaborate with the rest of your decor.


Now that you know what they have to offer, it’s about time you started working through our trio of top tips:


- Take a look at some of the dark blue and grey colours in our range if you want to create a timeless and regal look that’s all about poise and elegance

- Go in a different direction and make it all about the florals if you want to express your love for country vibes and style

- Or consider whether you want to add some light and bright pinks and yellows with a little help from the made to measure experts


Venetian Blinds are perfect for complimenting the view



We’re now halfway through our style guide, which means it’s about time to turn our attention to the beautifully crafted world of Venetian blinds. Each addition to our range is carefully designed and finished to give you the delicate and refined touch of style that will make all the difference to your bay windows.


Because each style has its own unique finish and aesthetic it can be hard to know which direction you want to take things in. Know exactly what we mean? Well, that’s why we offer you unlimited FREE samples whenever you want them folks.


To help yourself request some truly eye-catching samples, give these a little food for thought:


- Do you want painted Venetian blinds or a naturally inspired finish?

- What’s more important to you: changing the tone of your decor, or controlling the light levels?

- Is it worth considering other styles of blinds when you request your samples, just so you can try a few wildly different options?


Shutters offer a little something different



Last but not least, let’s take a look at the wildcard in the pack: made to measure shutters. For years and years they used to only be seen in beautiful country cottages and vintage scenes, but now they can arrive on your doorstep with the click of a button.


The good news is that shutters are quick and easy to fit and come in a variety of different colours. The bad news is that there’s more colours to choose from than ever before, which means you’ll have to start narrowing down your choices sooner rather than later.


Not sure how to make your final choice? Take a closer look at a few of our hints and tips:


- Going for neutral white shutters is an inspired way to let the shape of the shutters do the talking

- A little touch of washed out mint green could be a great way to lighten the look and feel of your room

- You need to consider how it’ll impact your view, so think about how your shutters will look in all four seasons to get a better idea


Okay, you’ve heard what we have to say, which means there’s only one question left to ask…


What should you do next?

Good question! Now that you know how to dress a bay window with a little help from our experts, it’s over to you to get clicking and exploring. Once you start you’ll soon find a dozen styles, patterns, and colours you want to add to your shortlist. Whittle it down to the final five, order some samples, and let your windows speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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