How to fix your roller blinds like a pro


Posted 01/02/2021

How to Fix Roller BlindsHow to Fix Roller Blinds

Now we know that you love your 247 roller blinds (who wouldn’t) but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to iron out a few creases from time to time. To make things super straightforward the way only we know how, we’ve put together a list of hacks, tips, and top secret adjustments only our roller blind experts know about. That way if you have a little issue, all you have to do is run your eye down the list and find out how to fix it in seconds.


Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most common problem people come to us with.

How do you fix roller blinds that won't turn?

Good question! For those of you who are mechanically minded it won’t have escaped your attention just how simple the mechanism is, and for those of you who aren’t, there’s nothing to worry about.


The great thing about the winding mechanism being so simple is that there are only a limited number of things that can go wrong with it. The most common is that the fabric is too loose and is getting caught somewhere. Avoid the urge to try and force it and instead reach for your step ladder and unclip the whole blind from the mounting bracket.


Now that there’s nothing for the fabric to get caught on you can unroll it all the way, before slowing rolling it back up nice and tight. Make sure to centre the fabric on the roller so that it’s kept well away from the rest of the assembly when you come to remount it. Simple, right?


How do you fix a snapped roller blind chain?

This is something we get asked a lot, and the good news is that’s it’s a piece of cake to take care of once you know how.


The first thing you’re going to want to do is take your blind down out of the mounting assembly and put it to one side. Now that’s out of the way, focus your attention on the part of the assembly that the chain feeds into.


What you’ll see is that the beads on the chain are fed around a mechanism that looks a bit like a gear on your bike. If your chain has snapped you can remove the connector that joins it to the mechanism at one end, and then attach the connector to the other end of your new, shorter chain. Clip it back into the mechanism and you have a quick fix that’s good to go.


How do you fix a roller blind that won’t go back up?

This one is often the same cause as the first question we dealt with: the fabric is getting caught. Keep your calm, take your time, and gently remove the roller blind from the mounting mechanism. From there you simply unroll and then re-roll so that everything is tightly wrapped around itself and nicely centred.


How do you fix a roller blind that won’t stay up?

Now we get to one of the slightly trickier problems on our list. The key thing to know here is that a) your blinds are stopped from slipping down by a spring that holds them in position, and b) the lower your blinds are the heavier the weight the spring will feel. This means that if you notice your blinds start to slip down a little, it’s not going to be long until you see them drop all the way down. But don’t worry, help is at hand! The chances are you’re going to need a new mechanism, which isn’t a big deal. Get in touch with us direct and we’ll happily tell you exactly what you need for your specific make and model. From there it’s just a straight swap and you’ll be good to go again!


How do you repair a spring roller blind in seconds?

If you’re the lucky owner of some fancy spring roller blinds then you’ll want to learn this quick and easy hack:


- Take your blinds down from the window

- Manually roll them halfway up

- Refit them and pull them back down

- Repeat once or twice until you get the right response


It’s the quick and easy way to reset the mechanism without having to google, watch YouTube, or phone a friend.



Now that you know everything there is to know about the most common issues with roller blinds, you’re all set!

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