How to prepare your garden for the winter


Posted 27/11/2018

We don’t just know about how to make your interiors look amazing, we also know plenty about keeping the outside of your home look its best. Take a look at a few handy hints and tips that will allow you to look out at your garden and smile right through the winter.


Get Rid of Your Old Summer Annuals

Petunias and marigolds add a real flourish of colour to your garden in August, but they simply won’t survive the winter. Clear out your pots by moving any aged annual plants to your compost heap. Keep the compost in your pots for now and arrange them however you like on your patio. 


Trim Those Bushes and Hedges 

One of the great things about the winter months is that because stuff grows so much slower you can finally get on top of those nagging jobs. Get your trimmer and pruning sheers out and you’ll be able to transform your hedges in an afternoon. You can also deadhead any roses and flowering bushes to tidy things up a bit too.


One Last Close Mow of the Lawn On a Dry Day

Your lawn will hibernate throughout the winter, so when you come to mow it for the last time give it a close mow so that it looks neat and tidy for the duration. Wait for a dry day so that you don’t churn up the soil and damage the grass you’ve spent all summer nurturing.


Attract Some Wildlife to Brighten Things Up

A bird house, feeder, and plenty of nuts for the squirrels are all great ways to brighten up your garden. With few plants flowering at this time of year you could turn your attention to attracting a small army of little visitors to your garden. One thing’s for sure, they’re sure to brighten up your day when you see them out of the kitchen window.

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