How We Create Our Latest Designs

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Posted 29/01/2019

It’s something we get asked all the time, so we thought why not let you into our creative world. Who knows, you might just find a gem that allows you to reinvent the decor in that tricky spare room that you’ve been putting off for a while.


We Embrace Colour

Colour is one of the most important aspects of any design, and for us it’s often the starting point. Different seasons demand different spectrums of colour, and as the years go by tastes and styles ebb and flow. By combining on-trend looks with timeless classics, we create ranges that offer something for everyone.


We Search For the Right Textures

The texture is what really brings a fabric to life. If it’s too coarse, too soft, or too hard to match to, then it just won’t fit with the rest of the decor. That’s why we always picture which kind of rooms our latest designs will work in when we’re sampling different materials.


We Combine Them With Patterns

Opting for a plain fabric or a patterned fabric can be a hard thing to choose. We have the luxury of doing both, but we know that your room can only have one or the other. For us it’s all about creating diverse and original options which allow you to express yourself. What could be better than that from a design point of view?


We Always Search For New Ideas

The final thing is perhaps the most important, because it’s what allows us to continue finding new and exciting designs. If you end up always doing the same thing over and over, then your ideas will soon grow stale. Looking for inspiration in everything you do is a great way to find new ideas that will take the creative process in a new and exciting direction. It’s something we swear by, and it’s something that could help breathe new life into your decor too. 

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