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Posted 31/01/2019

If you’re finding it a little hard to stick to your new year’s resolutions, our new series is just what you need to give yourself the kickstart you’ve been waiting for. We believe in building great decor from the ground up, so where better to start than with the flooring options that you have at your disposal.


Laminate vs Reclaimed Wood

Something that many people decide to do is pull up the old carpet, throw out the underlay, and install some shiny new laminate flooring. It looks great in a contemporary styled home, it’s easy to keep clean, and it can add that light and airy look to your chosen space. But is there a different way?


Reclaimed wood is fast becoming a popular option amongst decor enthusiasts, and with good reason. Granted, it will cost you a little more than fresh laminate, but the character and unique look can be well worth the extra effort. If you want something a little different that gives your decor that authentic country-inspired touch, reclaimed wood could be worth a closer look.


Rugs vs Carpets

If you love your carpet then leave it be and think about other ways you can transform your floor. This is where rugs come in, and they’re not just for those of you looking to add some warmth to your bare wooden floors.


Picture your rug like wall art for the floor, and you’ll soon approach browsing and shopping in a completely different way. Find something that either complements the footprint of your coffee table, or will look good pushed right up against the fireplace. The choice is yours, and once you find the right fit for your space you’ll know it.


Neutral vs Making a Statement

Wooden floors come in every shade from the lightest of light to the darkest of dark; and carpets do the same thing but in a far broader range of base colours. Reclaimed wood can look great when it’s dark because it will really allow you to make a statement.


If you opt for carpet and want that warm and cosy look, then a light neutral beige is a great way to go. It’ll add a homely touch to the living room, and it’ll set the scene for the rest of your decor to come to life.

The final thing is perhaps the most important, because it’s what allows us to continue finding new and exciting designs. If you end up always doing the same thing over and over, then your ideas will soon grow stale. Looking for inspiration in everything you do is a great way to find new ideas that will take the creative process in a new and exciting direction. It’s something we swear by, and it’s something that could help breathe new life into your decor too. 

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