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Posted 29/11/2018

Colours can subconsciously affect our mood as soon as we walk into a room – so deciding on the right colour is a big decision.

Let’s explore how the meaning of different colours varies between cultures, and which particular tones can really influence the atmosphere and vibe you create in your home.





In the Western world at least, blue is widely believed to be a calming and peaceful shade. Darker can represent authority and trust – hence its regular use on police and military uniforms – and can have a powerful impact on your interior design to make a room appear bigger or to create a focal point. In Eastern cultures, this colour represents good health and spirituality, while many cultures in Asia and the Mediterranean use blue amulets to ward off the evil eye – the colour blue being highly regarded for its healing properties. Use lighter blue vertical blinds in a bedroom to create a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere, or opt for darker shades in the living room or home office to create a creative and cooling space.






Green roller blinds are ideal if you’re wanting to inject some energy into your home. With natural and earthy undertones to many different hues, the colour green is commonly associated with nature and spring across Western cultures. The Middle East and Eastern traditions also view green as a symbol of new life and youthfulness, making this colour the perfect choice to add a fresh and natural feel to a room.






With strong connotations of love and passion, red is an exciting and uplifting colour. In the West red is a symbol of romance, used on Valentine’s Day – but in the East, it’s a representation of happiness and prosperity. This colour is adopted into many cultural traditions, such as in China, where the shade is used to signify joy in New Year celebrations.

Choosing a brightly coloured red roman blinds in your bedroom will create a rich and vibrant tone which will energise your mornings.





The perfect epitome of summer, yellow is widely associated with happiness and warmth. That’s why yellow-coloured blinds are a great in the hubs of the households – such as the kitchen or living room – to create a positive and cheerful atmosphere. In some Asian cultures, yellow also represents royalty and power. Match these bright hues with harmony blinds to control the level of natural light in your home and create a warm space all year round.






The colour purple represents wealth, nobility and royalty across the world. Embracing both passionate red and calming blue, using purple blinds in your home can create a balanced and relaxed feeling. If you’re looking for a window dressing that complements both modern and traditional interiors, purple roller blinds are a good shout – they add an elegant touch and can bring the whole look of a room together.





Across Europe and North America, the colour orange represents autumn and the harvest. In Eastern cultures, it can signify love and happiness. Add orange venetian blinds in your bathroom to create a natural and healthy atmosphere, or them as a focal point in your dining room to combine the energising tone of red with the warmth of yellow.





We might initially imagine think of white as a symbol of purity or peace. However, in India white is used to represent reincarnation and rebirth – in a domestic sense, it can bring renewed life into your room. To really make your white window dressing stand out, try matching it with some bright accessories to highlight its crispness.






In many Asian cultures, black is used to signify life and stability. In some African countries it is seen as a mature, masculine hue. In the West, black can represent power and sophistication – so it’s an ideal way to create an elegant and energising ambiance in your living room. Match your black blinds with white furniture for a bold statement or highlight with metallic shades for a modern feel.






Brown is a popular colour choice in homes because of its warm and organic feel. Its meaning doesn’t vary as greatly between cultures – and it tends to be used throughout as a symbol of stability and dependability. Brown has a comforting and warm representation, making it perfect for creating a cosy feeling in bedrooms.


When it comes to selecting your ideal blinds, keep in mind the meaning of colours and how they can influence the mood of your space. Try adopting colours which match your interiors, such as cool tones for your bedroom and bathroom, and warm tones for the living room and kitchen. Also, don’t be afraid to mix more than one hue together for the ultimate effect.


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