Introducing Twist&Fit No-Drill Roller Blinds


Posted 09/02/2024

Wave goodbye to your toolboxes and hello to hassle-free installation with our latest game-changer in the window dressing world - Twist&Fit roller blinds! This no-drill super speedy installation option is now available on almost allroller blinds on our site, and we suspect it's going to be pretty popular! Let us tell you why...

Twist & Fit no-drill roller blindsTwist & Fit no-drill roller blinds

1. Lightening Fast Installation


Think less than 30 seconds! Yes, you read right (if you don't believe us check out this installation video!). In the time it takes to make a cuppa you can transform your window. Twist&Fit no drill rollers are here to make upgrading your space fun and fast. Simply pop the blind into your window recess and twist the mechanism so the blind fits snug. The tension holds your blind firmly in place, ensuring stability and *smooooth operation*. 


2. No Drill, No Worries


Twist&Fit is a dream come true for renters and homeowners alike. Avoid the dread of wall damage with our tension roller blinds, here to save the day in spaces where traditional drilling isn't an option. Delicate walls? Tiles? Metal lintels? Twist&Fit have got you covered. They're also the ideal solution for preserving walls and keeping landlords (and more importantly your deposit!) happy. 


3. Mess? What Mess?


You won't find any drill dust or debris here. Twist&Fit installation is as clean as the design itself, no post-installation tidy up required, letting you skip straight to the 'sit back and enjoy' part!


4. Flexibility at Your Fingertips


Need to clean your windows or feeling like a decor refresh? Our no drill roller blinds are as easy to remove as they are to install, offering unparalleled adaptability for your needs.


White no-drill roller blindWhite no-drill roller blind
Trinity (Blackout) White - Twist&Fit Roller Blind
Pink no-drill roller blindPink no-drill roller blind
Trinity (Blackout) Fuschia - Twist&Fit Roller Blind

5. Made Just for You


Got an awkward window size? No sweat! Our Twist&Fit no drill roller blinds are made to measure, meaning each blind is crafted to fit your window dimensions perfectly ensuring a snug fit and a professional look. No more one-size-fits-all, it's all about what fits you. 


6. Friends with Every Window


Our Twist&Fit blinds are like the social butterflies of the window world! They don't care if your window is old-school, ultra-modern, or something in between. As long as your window has enough room to groove in its recess, these blinds are ready to mingle. No special requirements for uPVC windows or rubber beading necessary to get an invite to this Twist&Fit party!


7. Durability, Guaranteed 


Twist&Fit rollers aren't just made to measure, they're made to last too. And at 247 we don't just make promises, we stick to them - which is why all our products come with a 5-year warranty. These blinds are in it for the long-haul!


8. Styles for Miles


We don't believe convenience should have to cost style, which is why our no drill Twist&Fit option is available in almost every roller on our site. From chic blackout blinds to practical waterproof fabrics and snug energy saving options, you can find the perfect match for your windows and your aesthetic. And if you're spoilt for choice, let our unlimited free samples help you out! Dispatched within one working day with free, first class delivery. 


Twist&Fit is all about making your life easier and your home snazzier. It's about less time installing and more time enjoying. Why complicate when you can simplify? Explore our range of made to measure Twist&Fit no drill rollers today to update your space in a twist!

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