What to look for in white taped blinds?


Posted 12/01/2021

If you’re like us then you’ll have fallen in love with the light and breezy country stylings of white taped blinds from the moment you saw them. They have a homely quality that makes you want to take your time, sit back, and let everything else simply fade into the background. The problem is that there are so many options out there, it’s hard to know where to start.


That’s why we decided to pop up on your screen and simplify things the way only we know how. Take a couple of minutes to digest what we have to say, click those helpful little links when you come across them, and then get ready to add the finishing touches your home has been waiting for.


What are blinds with tapes?

You know when you see wooden Venetian blinds and they have those fabric runners going from top to bottom? That’s what we mean when we start talking about white taped blinds.


The great thing about them is they add a little extra dimension to your decor when you want to liven things up without going over the top. Tapes allow you to adorn your window spaces with something a little different that you can then weave into the rest of your decor.


Our favourite white taped blinds are only a click away

What we love to do is pop up when you’re looking for inspiration and show you that the missing piece of your interior design puzzle is only ever a call or click away. Here’s a few ways you can get your creative ideas flowing:


  • Origin Deluxe in Seashell White: Talk about a name that really does a design justice in every way, shape, and form! If you want to take a look at a piece of style that will leave you speechless from the moment it arrives, you really don’t have to look any further. The coordinating fixtures and integrated Somfy motor make controlling your light and adding style as quick and easy as pushing a button


  • Origin Deluxe in Bright White: For those of you who want all of the luxurious fixtures and finishing of our first suggestion, but with a little more light, it’s over to Bright White to catch your eye. It’s perfect for adding simple, refined touches to any room in the house so that you can sit back and enjoy the way your interiors come together.


  • Cotswold Deluxe in Cosmic White: The last entry on our list is the perfect midpoint between the other two. It’s a wholesome, homely, and slightly understated shade that works in harmony with the countryside inspired stylings of the tapes. The result is a wooden Venetian blind with tapes that never leaves you wishing for more


Now we’ve started the ball rolling when it comes to choices, there’s a few other quick questions we need to answer…


How do you measure for wooden blinds with tapes?

To make things simple, all you have to do is click here. You’ll see that no matter which blind you decide you want to treat yourself to there’ll be a whole host of easy-to-follow tips from Kev and the guys to get you started. Easy!


Where’s the best place to hang white wooden blinds with tapes blinds?

We think they can work just about anywhere, but we love using the tapes in the most homely and peaceful of rooms in the house:

  • The Guest Room: Making your visitors feel right at home is what this space is all about. That’s why we recommend using the style of the tapes to create a warm yet neutral style of decor that puts them at ease
  • The Master Bedroom: When you want to wake up feeling calm and relaxed, our range of wooden tapes are always ready and waiting. Each one adds that homely charm that reminds you what life is all about
  • The Front Room: If you want to be able to put your feet up, light the fire, and then sit back with a good book, the front room is the place to do it. Add in the refreshingly understated charm you only get with professionally made blinds with tapes and you’ll see everything fall right into place


Anything else I should know about blinds with tapes?

Not really folks! They’re easy to clean with a quick wipe and dust, they’re easy to fit with a little help from Kev and the guys, and they’re even easier to enjoy for years to come.


The only difficulty you’ll have will be trying to whittle down your shortlist!

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