Time to find your perfect teal blinds?


Posted 12/01/2021

It’s the colour of the moment in so many ways, so why would you look anywhere else when it’s time to turn on the style and really make a house a home?


To give you a little helping hand and push in the right direction we thought we’d spend the afternoon putting pen to paper on a few more of our famous bright ideas. We are the style gurus you can always turn to after all!


Now that we’ve given you a taste of what to expect, let’s dive right in and show you what we have in mind…


What is teal exactly?

Good question folks, and don’t worry if you’re not sure how to answer this one solo!


Teal is one of those contemporary shades you get by mixing green and blue. To be a touch more specific: teal is a deep blue-green shade that’s used when you want to add regal colours without reducing the way the light works with the room. Now it’s about time we showed you what we have in mind


Our favourite teal blinds are right here

You read that one right folks, look no further! Below you’ll find our 3 favourite teal blinds, each with their own signature style and unique charm. Perfect for giving the whole home something to smile about as you treat it to the colour of the moment.


  • Roma Teal: With a name like that you get a sense of what this one is all about before you even click on the link. The beauty of it is the way in which it allows you to add a little island of colour to any room in the house, all while controlling your light levels in just the right way. Perfect for when you want to revamp things without running the risk of overpowering your existing decor


  • Florance Teal: This is one of those pieces that has to be seen to be believed, but we think you’ll agree that once you see it in person, the picture in that stylish little link certainly did it justice. We love the idea of using this design in the bedroom so you can wake bright and early with a natural pattern that instantly sets you at ease.
  • Honeycomb Teal: Last but not least we come to perhaps one of the boldest teal patterned Roman blinds in our range. Take a quick look at it, try to contain your excitement while you measure up, and then leave the rest to us. Sounds like the perfect way to refresh your interiors with ease!


Now we’ve given you a few bright ideas, it’s time for those hidden gems and secret pieces of advice you only get when you come to the style gurus…


What is the best shade of teal to go for?

This one depends a little bit on what you want to achieve in terms of the overall look of your decor, but that’s not to say we can’t weigh in with a few pointers


Personally we think you can go one of two ways with this. You can keep things simple with a classic teal, perhaps with a hint of grey — that’s very much on-trend right now. Or you could liven things up a little with some patterned floral style teal blinds like the ones a little further up the page.


Where should you hang teal blinds?

Again this one is all about personal choice, but here’s our favourites to get you thinking:


  • The Bedroom: Teal is one of those wholesome, homely colours that allows you to see something different every time you look at it. This makes it the ideal thing to wake up to every morning
  • The Dining Room: For those of you who love to put on a show, look no further than the regal stylings of a heavy teal that leads towards the blue end of the spectrum
  • The Living Room: If there’s one place that you can use a patterned teal blind to tie everything together, this is it. Place it opposite a matching feature wall and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t change things sooner


Anything else I need to know about teal blinds?

The key is to decide how much green and blue you want to see in there. Less blue means a lighter, brighter look. While more blue gives it that regal touch of luxury that instantly sets you at ease.


You’ve heard what we have to say, which means the choice is yours.


Have fun with it!

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