Why Succulents Make the Best Houseplants


Posted 05/09/2017


Houseplants make great indoor décor and, unlike ornaments and vases, they’re inevitably quite interactive! But they also take work. Well, not a lot of work, but if you’re not green-fingered and have a habit of killing off plants, you might want an alternative! Succulents make great alternatives to standard houseplants, not only because they’re super-cute and look stylish, but also because they’re low-maintenance!

Not convinced? Look at them in action!



We love this great idea of surrounding them with small pebbles! The succulents really stand out, plus it means you can use a bigger pot for them.


Sitting these cute succulents on a white base plate makes all the difference in making them stand out and their colours pop.


Using bold, bright colours for your pots will really make your succulents stand out and they certainly beat a standard flowerpot!


Make a real feature of your succulents by creating a display just for them! How adorable does this upcycled ladder look!


Grouping a bunch of succulents together, all in different pots, can look really striking and also gives off a cool, chilled out vibe.

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