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Here at 247 we offer many options for your skylight. For VELUX® windows we offer our own brand of loft blinds, which also are ideal for Fakro, RoofLite and Dakstra windows too.

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Discover more about our Skylight Blinds for VELUX® Windows


As one of the UK's largest retailers for made-to-measure loft blinds we pride ourselves on being able to find a blind that is perfect for every room or situation, from blackout and light filtering, to waterproof and energy efficient we are sure to have an option to suit your needs!


Finding your new skylight blind is a doddle with our friendly website and easy to follow instructions. All we need to ensure that it fits perfectly is the maker’s product number or code for the particular window that you have.  Not only do they come in a variety of colours, there are also patterned fabrics and special performance fabrics to enhance your day-to-day living. 

Though extra natural light is always a positive thing, the modern homeowner will be doing everything to make their home as energy-efficient as possible, which is why you should consider installing an effective solution for your skylight windows.


247 Blinds are an expert UK manufacturer of loft blinds in a wide range of styles for all major window manufacturers, including VELUX®, Fakro, Dakstra and RoofLITE. Designed to fit perfectly, our roof window blinds are made from high-quality fabrics and durable materials. Adding on our skylight blinds to your home will help create a relaxing environment whilst insulating your home against heat loss — all the while looking oh-so-stylish; what’s not to love? 

Our blackout range is also particularly popular, and offers great value, our most popular colours are our white loft blinds (sometimes minimal style works best for your space) but we offer plenty of other choices in our blackout range perfect for your home office or bedroom!  We even offer a choice of matching styles, available as a Roller or Vertical blind, so you can really get your home going with a returning theme throughout.

We have plenty to choose from including for your regular windows with a full choice of styles including Venetian and even Roman blinds


Are There Blinds For Skylights?

Skylight windows are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, Because of this the choices for skylight blinds are becoming more abundant. We have a little outline for each of the styles:

  • If you are wanting to keep things simplistic, you could opt for one of our roller skylight blinds, which are a simple yet understated way to change the feel of your interiors. Roller blinds in a skylight are a fantastic way to achieve a blackout in your room.
    We offer pleated skylight blinds which are great if you want to control light hitting your room in all the wrong ways, due to the fact you have multi-zone control on our pleated blinds you have the option to move the fabric to where you need it to be to avoid any glare or other intrusions.
  • Similar to both of the above-mentioned styles you can go for a duo skylight blind which is the best of both worlds, You get the light filtering and control from a pleated blind, however if you are needing more, you have the option to roll down the blackout roller and get complete darkness whenever you need it.
  • Finally and one of the more understated styles is the Venetian style skylight blinds we offer, these are perfect if you want to be able to control your lighting but have something a little contemporary and modern on your windows
    The hard part is left to you, deciding which of these blinds would be perfect for creating the room you envision. 

How Do I Measure For Skylight Blinds?
For our style of skylight blinds, you’ll need to find a code on the window frame itself. This can be usually found by pulling the window down and open and checking the sides. You should find a code like “GGL-310” somewhere – This indicates your window type. Otherwise, you’ll need to measure the visible glass size and double check that our blinds, frame and all, will for sure fit your window.


What Sort Of Fabric Options Are Available For My Skylight Windows?
Skylight windows can be fitted in a variety of room types, we have plenty of options to suit your bedrooms, living room, office, or even bathroom! Bedrooms and living rooms tend to work best with our blackout loft blinds, whilst for bathrooms you’d be recommended our waterproof loft blinds. We even have loft blinds perfect for your kitchen skylights, with special flame-retardant options available. We’re always adding new options for every scenario and living space.


How Do I Open Skylight Blinds?
All of our skylight blinds operate on a slide to open system, meaning all you need to do is move the bottom bar (or both on a pleated) to get the fabric/slats to the desired position to block out all the unwanted light. If you are installing your blind on a window which is a little out of daily reach, give our friendly customer service team a call, and we can enquire about getting a control rod for you at the best available price.


Do You Sell Official VELUX®  Blinds?
Yes, of course, 247 blinds sell VELUX® branded blinds — These are produced at VELUX® themselves.  We also sell some more purse-friendly options, with blinds that are manufactured for use with VELUX® windows. Both are suitable for most skylight windows.

247 Blinds offers VELUX® branded blinds and our own-range of skylight blinds, which are just as good but more affordable. Our own-brand blinds come in a wider range of colours and styles, and they are backed by our 5-year warranty.

Which type of blind is right for you? If you are on a budget, or you want a wider choice of colours and styles, then our own blinds are a great option.


How Much Do Skylight Blinds Cost?
Skylight blinds can vary in cost depending on the style and brand you choose. A ‘designer’, or ‘high-street’ brand costs way more than one of our bespoke, made to measure blinds. For a made to measure skylight blind, you can expect to pay from £25 for the smallest type of skylight window. Keep an eye on our special sales, though — with up to 70% saved during these periods vs the RRP.


Does A Skylight Blind Keep Heat In?

Yes, skylight blinds are the best solution to avoiding heat loss with loft blinds. If you have a VELUX® brand blind, we would recommend taking a peek at our Velux © branded duo blinds. These blinds feature both a roller blind and a pleated blind in one, which is phenomenal at being a barrier against the elements inside your home. If you wants omething a little smaller in stature and price, we also offer a roller versions for all our loft window manufacturers, with great energy saving fabrics, which are one of the best ways to keep your room cool in summer and warm in winter. 


What Are The Different Levels Of Privacy And Light That Are Available With Blinds For Skylights?

We offer a selection of both blackout and light filtering options for skylight blinds. If you have a VELUX® window we offer a great range of pleated fabrics in an official VELUX® product, these are great for a gentle diffusion of light through their pleated fabrics, perfect for a room you want to keep feeling bright and open all year round. We offer a great selection in our blackout roller ranges, which are perfect for anyone who is fussy with their sleep. Loft blinds are a great product if you are wanting a complete blackout as the fabric is affixed into a frame when rolling down your window, these blinds really do keep light to an absolute minimum. 


How Do I Choose The Right Blinds For My Skylight?

There is not “right blind” when it comes to picking what is best for you! We recommend going first for the features you need your blind to perform, if you are wanting blackout, start by filtering the results down by this feature, then design, and then finally colour. Once you have done this, I'm sure there will be a smaller selection of products perfect for you; now all that's left is to get a handful of FREE samples delivered and pick out your perfect match.


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