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Bifold Door Blinds


Bifold doors are a smart and easy way to use the most of your space.  As more and more houses and conservatories feature these doors,  allowing more light into the room, the next thought naturally comes to privacy and ensuring your energy bills stay nice and calm. 


As we're the experts in all things blinds and keeping warm (we're from the North after-all), we've decided to collate the best possible blinds for your modern masterpiece. We're here to help you get the perfect blinds up in your doors in no time at all!


Things to consider when buying blinds for BiFold Doors!


So Bifold doors can hold their own mini-challenge.  Yes they look amazing, yes sliding them open dramatically is super satisfying, but with that lovely space-saving folding about can mean that fitting a blind that won't crunch up into oblivion can be a bit challenging. 


Most modern bifold doors are made from durable uPVC (plastic) or light-weight aluminium.  For these types of doors you'd normally have to use the beading to mount your blinds.  Another, but rare, possibility is that you'll have a bifold door made from traditional wood.  In this case you would need a blind super low in profile, such as pleated or aluminium Venetians (their headrails are under 30 mm), and screw into the wooden door directly.  However, you would still need to be mindful and ensure you can still open your door and not damage the blind up in the process.


No fear — We've thought of everything!


Perfect Fit Blinds


Gone are the days of drilling holes in  your shiny new door and window frames,  Perfect Fit blinds are drill-free!  These blinds sit neatly within a frame, which then clips into some brackets.


These blinds are fantastic for aluminium and uPVC bifold doors.  Either type of door doesn't matter, but what does is that you have rubber beading that allows the clips to slide underneath.


Available in various Perfect Fit  blind types from wooden blinds, pleated blinds and Venetian blinds, you're sure to find a style to suit!


A white wooden Perfect Fit blind shown in a conservatory roomA white wooden Perfect Fit blind shown in a conservatory room
- A perfect fit wooden blind really completes the look of this conservatory window

Clic Fit Blinds


Now, Clic Fit Blinds are super similar to Perfect Fit blinds, in that they use the window beading to secure to the window, and uses adhesive side channels to help secure the top and bottom brackets into place.  The main differences are is that the fabrics differ, and the blind doesn't sit within a fixed 'frame', instead having a top and bottom headrail, which clicks into place via the brackets.


Available in pleated and metal Venetian options, these blinds are a smart solution to your bifold door woes!


Instead, the blind comes with a top and bottom headrail, that has plastic teeth on the ends — These in turn slide under the beading for a secure fit.  Easy and painless to fit, these blinds take less than five minutes to install!


A grey neat fit blind in a large aluminium folding doorA grey neat fit blind in a large aluminium folding door
- Adding a grey blind to a black bi-fold door helps create a cohesive and stylish look.

Energy-Saving Thermal Blinds


What if your room is also a massive heat trap, or do you perhaps live on the chilly side of the Pennines like we do?  That's easily resolved as well.  Our range of fabrics found in this collection have been collated together to fix these issues.


Our roller blind and vertical blind fabric are specially coated in an SPC (Solar Protective Coating) that basically looks like a silver coating on the back.  This not only reflects glare away from the room in summer, any internal heat is retained within the fabric longer.  Making these fabrics a great all-rounder for summer and winter.


Pleated Neat Fit and Perfect Fit blinds are also fantastic as insulators, especially if you select honeycomb ones.  These are designed to trap air in a honeycomb-like structure.  This allows cool air to circulate in summer, and all-important warm air in winter pass up through the inside of the blind.   These fabrics can also have an SPC/ASC coating, just like the roller fabrics we mentioned above.


Roman blinds are fantastic insulators, in that they use two layers of natural textures to create a fantastic energy-saving layer in the window.  Think of the roof of your house, and the walls — They normally have natural insulation installed, well traditionally this was wool and other coarse fibres — These are still super effective to this day!


A green pleated blind is shown in a warm office spaceA green pleated blind is shown in a warm office space
- A warming splash of green provides this office space with a refreshing, inviting look.

Other door types to think about?


We've also collected our best door blinds in a helpful area for you to peruse. 


Layering up with different blind types with natural insulators such as curtains is a smart way to reduce those energy bills.  Not only are you reducing energy waste, it also helps create a cosy atmosphere, and during those colder winter months you'll thank your foresight!


Simply click the link below, choose from an unlimited amount of free samples and get your new blind fitted in under 30 minutes — Easy!


A purple curtain adorns a french door in a living roomA purple curtain adorns a french door in a living room
- Harmonising pinks, purples and browns creates a cosy, plush environment.

Help is always at hand!


Still unsure? We would love to talk to you to find out what you need, we're here to help you on every step & are happy to assist.  Simply send us a quick email in or call us for a chat on 01484 443790

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