Blackout Blinds

Blackout Blinds

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We have a very large range of blackout blinds here at 247. We offer 3 main types of blackout blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds and panel blinds, all of which have full blackout properties. The main idea behind a blackout blind is to block the light coming into a room. There could be many reasons you would want to block out light and the main one is for sleep. A good blackout blind works well in your bedroom to stop early morning light disturbing sleep, and if you were to work night shifts and need to sleep during the day they can be invaluable.

Fundamentally the blackout blinds look identical to a normal version of the type of blind you see in homes across the UK. However they have a lining on the blind that stops light penetrating through and potentially disturbing you. You will often find many different colours, patterns and textures on blackout blinds, so it is relatively easy to get function and style.

Made To Measure Blackout Blinds

You will often find that a lot of blackout blinds are used for childrens rooms, this is due to them easily creating a good sleeping environment for children to sleep in. A child is more likely to settle and sleep in a room where there is nothing disturbing them and it is a peaceful and dark environment, this is even more essential in the summer months where it is still light past bed time and the blind can give the illusion of it being darker than it actually is. 

Blackout blinds offer the protection needed in a room by a coating on the blind which doesn't allow light to penetrate through it, if you get the blinds with a recess measurement then you can achieve a total blackout in the room giving you the ultimate sleeping conditions. When you then roll or draw the blind up it leaves the window free to take advantage of the natural light coming through it. 

We offer three main kinds of blackout blinds – roller blinds, vertical blinds and conservatory blinds - all of which have a special lining designed to effectively stop the light from coming through.

Not only great value for money, we offer a wide range of colours and styles to fit in with your chosen taste and décor. On the site you’ll find all kinds of patterns, colours and looks that are as attractive as they are effective, and our made to measure service means you can get the perfect fit for your blackout blinds.

If you are looking for styles specifically for children’s bedrooms make sure you check out our Bambino collection, whose playful patterns and colours are the perfect choice for young kids.

Of course, blackout blinds don’t just have to be used in the evening – they’re also popular with people who work nights or those who just want to shut the world out and put on a movie.