A guide to choosing roman blinds


Posted 11/07/2017

For a touch of elegance and luxury in your home, opt for the classic roman blind. Whether you want a plain window dressing to match the palette of you home, or a something patterned and eye-catching, a soft roman blind can be the perfect addition to any room’s décor.

If you want to bring this versatile blind into your home, there are some things to consider before you buy. Read this guide to find out which roman blind will be right for your interior.


Colour pop



Add a bright block of colour to any room with a coloured roman blind. Whether it’s to match the colour scheme of your room, or you intend to make a statement with something contrasting, a bright window dressing can be a great way to refresh a room. Perfect for a bedroom, or as an eye-catching option for the living room, a pop of colour can revitalise your interior. 


Bright and breezy



Keep your room bright and embrace all things natural with neutral shades on your roman blind. Subtle texture and understated colours will enhance the natural light flowing through your window, and will brighten any room. Lighter colours are great for most rooms, but avoid putting them in kitchens, as any splashes or spills will be visible on lighter fabrics and will mean removing the blinds to clean them. 


Patterned designs



Add a touch of personal flair to your room with an interesting patterned roman blind. If you prefer things bright and exciting, or you need a feature in your room, an eye-catching design could be the perfect solution to your interior needs. On-trend botanical prints will be a delicate touch to any room, where a bolder pattern will make a real statement. Whatever you decide, a patterned blind will complement your home, from bedroom to bathroom.  





From suedes, velvets to faux silk, roman blinds can come in a wide variety of fabrics. Go plush and luxurious with rich suedes and velvet, or keep it simple with faux silks and soft, subtle textures.





A roman blind perfectly combines the softness of a curtain, with the contemporary feel of sitting flush to the window. Once fitted into the recess of a window, this style is great for kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms, as it maximises spaces once it sits flat against the window. So if you like to decorate with trinkets and photo frames on the window sill then a roman blind could be perfect for you. 


Blackout roman blinds



If you were considering a roman blind for a bedroom but weren’t sure about the light blocking abilities of this product, we recommend exploring your blackout options. Opt for a retailer that can give you choice of standard, thermal or blackout lining such as 247 blinds, so you get the perfect product for you.

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