Best blinds for a cosy night in

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Posted 18/12/2018

With Christmas just around the corner and those cold nights seeping in, everyone wants to create a cosy space in their living rooms. Whether you want to keep in the warmth, block out the outside world or get creative with your styling – the right blinds can help you achieve the perfect winter retreat. Then, with the shelter of your blinds, you can settle down and make the most of a quiet evening with a book or your favourite film.

Read our guide below for the best blind ideas for your living room for the ultimate cosy night in.


Cosy colours - Roman blinds



The colour of your blinds plays an integral part in the overall mood of a room. When styling a living room into a comfy den, opting for the warmer tones of red, brown and orange can energise your space, while making it appear cosier. Burnt orange is a key contender for living rooms as it creates a welcoming and calming atmosphere. Match with a thick, grey throws and plump, light blue cushions for a contemporary finish.

When choosing your colours, also look out for the different types of blinds which are best for keeping the heat in, such as Roman and blackout blinds. On top of your winter palette, these choices can insulate your windows to keep the cold chill at bay. You can find out more information on the best blinds to keep your house warm this winter on our blog


Creating privacy - Day Night blinds



As you snuggle up for an evening of catching up on your favourite shows, the last thing you want is the constant distractions of the outdoors. Day Night blinds help you achieve the perfect balance between optimising the natural light during the day and keeping the world out at night. Easily adjust the horizontal translucent strips to control the level of light you receive and ensure nothing gets in the way of your next binge-watching marathon.

Once you’ve created this private space with your blinds, light a few candles, grab your favourite snacks and relax in front of the box – miles away from the outside world.



Rustic charm - patterned blinds



Transforming your living room into a rustic haven is a sure-fire way of creating a welcoming and natural space this winter. One way to achieve this is through patterned blinds. By opting for rural patterns such as stags and tartan for your blinds, you can add character to your living room without losing its natural charm.

A big part of rustic interiors is minimalism, so by choosing a patterned blind and keeping your accessories small and natural in texture, you can create a focal point and boost your room’s snug and inviting ambiance. 



Hygge Hub



The Danish word ‘hygge’ defines that special feeling or moment which creates happiness, comfort and familiarity. In interior design, this means creating a cosy, intimate and reassuring space in which a person can feel at home. Using natural wooden blinds is a great way to encourage your guests to relax and unwind inside your home. Snuggle up with a soft, thick blanket and a soothing hot chocolate underneath the shelter of your blind and relish in your comfort. Discover more ways of creating hygge inside your home here.


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