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Posted 20/12/2018

Bringing your little one home for the first time is such a precious experience. When the big day comes, you want their nursery to be perfect. Blinds will help you achieve the perfect balance between style and functionality - with blackout properties to stop them waking when it’s still light outside, as well as bright and creative patterns they’ll adore.

When it comes to decorating a nursery with blinds, safety is a top priority. But this doesn’t mean you need to forego style. Read our top tips for creating a cosy bedroom kids will come to cherish through our best window dressing ideas.


Blinds for best night's sleep



You might have a stylish nursery – but it doesn’t mean your baby is always going to sleep soundly in it. From their midnight hunger cries to waking you up at the crack of dawn, a good night sleep can seem like a lifetime ago.

Blackout blinds can be a godsend, ensuring you and your child get some much-needed sleep. Keeping the early evening and morning light at bay – as well as flashing sirens and streetlights - your little angel can rest free from distractions and soundly slumber for longer.

During winter, the thicker material of these blinds can also prevent a cold draught coming in through the windowpane, keeping the room at the ideal temperature for baby’s to sleep.

In addition to their highly functional design, which is perfect for nurseries, blackout blinds also come in a variety of styles, patterns and colours, so you can create a delightful bedroom with ease. Choose from bold stripes that make the room pop or subtle pastel hues to soothe and comfort both you and your new born.


Blinds with funky patterns



Give your child’s bedroom personality with roman blinds in fun and energising designs. From tiny tots to sassy tweens, we have a wide range of affordable patterns to see them through to those older years.

Choose from gorgeous polka dots or and soothing sheep prints for your new nursery, then transform it into a dinosaur paradise or jungle adventure as they grow. If you’re decorating a kid’s bedroom with a retro theme in mind, try our funky VW campervan styles or vintage world maps patterning. For more top tips for breathing life into your new nursery, read our blog


Roman blinds add a softness to any room and with our made-to-measure service they’ll fit like a glove. During the winter, these quality blinds help to block out any draughts. When the summer sun is shining, roll them up and let the natural light flow in. These blinds are also easy to operate and highly durable – both ideal when little ones are causing mischief.



Colourful blinds



A child’s bedroom or nursery should be bright and inviting - a place where they can be themselves and let their imagination flow. A great way to achieve this is through coloured vertical blind.

With their creative drawings dotting the walls and toys scattered across the floor, the simplicity of a single coloured blind can really bring the room together. Choose from bold and bright hues, such as yellows and pinks that fuel their energetic spirit. Or create a dreamy space with soft blues and rich greens to encourage pleasant dreams and a slumberous night.

Vertical blinds have lots of benefits- from easy-clean fabrics to light-adjusting properties, so it’s easy to see why they’re a popular choice for nurseries. Consider our solar protection range to prevent heat loss during the winter, or browse the blackout range for some extra peace on those bright summer mornings.



Cosy den



Whether you’re keeping it simple with a soft colour scheme for the nursery walls or creating a focal point with a beautiful wall mural, wooden blinds fit in seamlessly with any interior style. Natural and organic in appearance, these blinds effortlessly create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any space.

Consider PVC wood-effect blinds for an easy-clean alternative or opt for the real deal, with choices from oak, walnut, cedar and more creating a truly authentic ambiance. We have plenty of styles to suit all interiors, from natural shades to colourful gloss so you don’t have to compromise on style.

Light and relaxing, these blinds are also highly functional. They have all the advantages of venetian blinds, such as adjustable slats to control the light, but with the added stylistic charm of real wood. Lightweight and durable, these blinds stand the test of time (and sticky fingertips).

Read even more reason why wooden blinds are a stylish choice for any room in the home here.



Child safe blinds


Blind safety – especially in nurseries and children’s bedrooms - is a top priority for 247Blinds. We strive to make all our blinds safe and secure for your children.

Our chains and cords are a maximum length of one metre and many of our styles come with a fixable cleat, which neatly tucks the cord away from curious hands.

Our blinds are also fitted with safety mechanisms so the blind or fitting doesn’t come loose when caught or pulled.

As your baby grows, they will naturally become curious about their surroundings, including your fitted blind. To ensure their safety, avoid placing a cot or bed beside the window and ensure the cords are safely stored away, with no risk of knotting or tangling. 

To find out more, read our blind and child safety guide here.


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