Everything you need to know about grey blinds


Posted 12/01/2021

Grey blinds used to be few and far between, but these days they’re one of the centrepieces of the grey home vibes that we’re all in love with. The only thing you have to do is find the perfect shade, tone, and hue to match what you’re trying to create.


To give you a little extra food for thought we’ve spent some time putting our thoughts down on paper for you to enjoy.


What are my options when it comes to grey blinds?

There are so many options that it pays to put some extra thought into this question. With that in mind, here’s a few of our favs:


Grey Venetian blinds

  • Origin Grey welcomes you with a tone for all seasons that’s all about making a statement
  • Brushed Silver may not be the darkest shade, but it does have those hints of grey that allow it to elevate your decor in a truly on-trend way


  • Spectrum Eagle is a light grey blind we fell in love with from the moment we saw it. Don’t you want to see what it would look like in your home?


Grey vertical blinds

  • Roma Grey Nickel is just perfect when you want to drift off the moment your head hits the pillow, so why not click through and take a closer look at everything it has to offer…
  • Roma Alto is a gentle, understated, and homely addition that makes you feel at ease from the moment it arrives


  • Roma Deep Fossil takes the classic charcoal grey blinds you know and love and drops in a hint of blue for something truly special


Grey roller blinds

  • Rimini Dove is a light and gentle shade whose name really does it justice — especially when the breeze makes it gently move back and forth


  • Rimini Storm Cloud allows you to take your decor in a bolder, stronger direction with a contemporary shade that offers dozens of matching options


  • Rimini Grey is the simple and homely way to refresh any style of home with nothing more than the click of a button and a little DIY


Grey Roman blinds

  • Faux Silk Silver welcomes you to put your feet up and take things easy while at the same time adding some understated elegance to your interiors


  • Narvik Grey is one of those pieces that allows you to sit back and relax the moment you walk through the door. Just what you need when it’s time to refresh the lounge with the minimum of fuss


  • Etched Vine Feather takes your decor in a homely, country style inspired direction with ease. The elegant florals and gentle light grey fabric make it the grey blind that has it all to offer


Now you’ve heard your options, it’s time to really get into it…


Where should I hang my new grey blinds?

This is personal choice, so here’s a few ideas to get your brain started:


- The Dining Room: Grey blinds are luxuriously understated in that they’re the perfect way to tie a variety of other colours and tones together in perfect harmony

- The Living Room: Is a space that’s all about relaxation and taking it easy, which makes light grey blinds an option well worth considering

- The Landing: The hardest space to decorate in the home deserves a little flourish of contemporary style after all!


Which colours match with grey blinds?

There’s dozens of options for this, and while some work better than others, we don’t think any work as well as these:


- Sandy Beiges: Creating a natural spectrum of colour is what this matching partner does best

- Light Blues: Adding a little light and vibrancy to proceedings really can bring it all together in style

- Neutral Creams: The great thing about these is that they allow you to soften your decor, especially if you’ve opted for some dark charcoal grey blinds


Anything else I need to know about grey blinds?

I think that’s everything! Oh, just make sure you take a look at Kev’s wise words on each product page. They’ll tell you everything you need to know to measure up, fit them, and create a look you can be truly proud of.


Have fun!


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