What is window dressing? Ideas for every taste

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Posted 13/04/2021

You’ve walked through the door, decided you’ve fallen out of love with your decor, so what’s your next move? Well, luckily for you you’re in exactly the right place folks! In the next couple of minutes we’re going to take you on a tour of all the stylish ways you can dress your windows to impress, no matter your style or budget. If you look closely you might even find a few links to some of the stylish creations we want to nudge you to take a look at. Enjoy!


What is window dressing?

Okay, so before we dive into the details we’re going to answer the question we know some of you will be asking. Window dressing is basically the art of making your windows look stylish and pretty. Adding curtains, shutters, blinds, even ornaments on the sills is all part of window dressing. See, told you it was nothing fancy!


What are the basics of window dressing?

No list of window covering ideas would be complete without first telling you the basic things you need to consider, so here they are:


- Colour& Patterning are the first things many of us turn to because they have the biggest visual impact. The key here is to decide whether you’re simply trying to smarten up your windows, or whether you want to turn them into a secondary focal point

- Light Control is what your window treatments will be used for most often, so think about how you use your space and the times of day you’re most likely to be in there

- Material is all about the finish and aesthetic, so take some time to think about how you’re going to make your pick. Hint: if you want a country style vibe, you don’t want plastic shutters…

- Texture is important because it will play a bigger role than you think in determining whether your latest addition fits into the rest of the room

- Privacy is all-important in the evenings, so make sure you think about the boring practical things as well as the stylish fun things!


Now the basics are out of the way, we can start getting creative and show you how to dress a window without curtains…


Roman blinds are great when it’s luxury you want



When you’re looking to add some elegance to the mix then some dark red or navy blue Roman blinds could be just what you’re looking for. The way in which the bold, timeless colours work in harmony with the folds at the bottom allow you to add that extra touch of depth and sophistication to your decor. Ideal when you want your windows to speak for themselves in more ways than one.


Shutters add that authentic touch of style



Light pink or pure white shutters are ideal when you want to add a gentle and elegant touch to the room that still makes an impact. The way in which the light colours work with the strikingly authentic look of the shutters makes them the perfect choice when you want to create that warm and cosy homely feeling that lasts all year round.


Vertical blinds keep things simple and relaxed



We love the idea of light blue or light grey vertical blinds when you want to keep things simple. They allow you to spend your time getting the basics right, avoiding any complicated colour clashes, and generally just bring your home together. You’ll be surprised by what a difference a quick little addition can make.


Roller blinds offer style and functionality



There’s no shortage of styles when it comes to roller blinds, but we’re really focusing on vibrant oranges and greens at the moment. They have that injection of colour that makes them a great choice for dressing the kitchen windows so that when it’s time to get creative, you always have all the inspiration you need.


Patterned blinds allow you to embrace retro style



Retro blinds, artistic blinds, or even minimalist patterned blinds all add something different to your windows. If you want to dress them so they become a true secondary focal point in the room, it’s all about using your new window dressings as a piece of art you never want to stop looking at.


Floral fabric blinds are ideal for lifting the mood



You’ll have noticed we didn’t put floral blinds in the last category, and that’s because we love them so much we want to give them one all of their own! Take your time to find an image and style that fits with the vibe of the rest of your decor and you’ll be well on your way to dressing your windows to impress.


Single colour fabric blinds are simple and eye-catching



Last but not least, why not get bold with your colours and go for a coral pink or black single tone blind? The good thing about this is you can pick your colour and then go back a step and pick the style of blind you want. Ideal when you want to make sure nothing clashes the smart way.


What’s my next move?

There’s only one thing that should be on your mind right now folks: cutting down your shortlist and requesting those all-important samples. Once you see the materials in your windows you’ll be able to get a much better idea of how your new-look decor is planning on fitting itself together. Make the necessary tweaks, fine tune your measurements, and then you’ll be all set to really turn on the style. We know you have this bit covered!

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