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Solar Protection Blinds

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Thermal and Energy Saving Fabrics

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Stunning vertical blinds with equally stunning thermal properties. All the blinds in this collection have a unique Solar Protective Coating that help to keep your room cool in the summer and keep out the cold in the winter.

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Solar Protection Blinds can harness the energy and power that the sun can soon build up in your home, taking the temperature to oppressive levels in summer months.

Solar shades can reflect the heat and light from the sun before it enters your home, helping to keep your room cool in the hot summer months. They also work in reverse, helping to reduce heat loss in the winter. Solar coverings are a stellar choice when it comes to choosing practical and stylish window blinds to keep your home cool and protected from the sun.

These are available in many colours ranging from the metallic, planetary tones of Iron and Crystal to the energetic tones of Gold, Amber and Lemon.

There are a lot of different ways that solar protection blinds are described; it could be solar control blinds, solar blinds and UV blinds. All of these are fundamentally the same blind, they all control the light and temperatures in the room the blind is placed, but just have different names.