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Posted 24/03/2023


Welcome to our all-encompassing guide on no-drill blinds, your golden ticket to dodging the drill drama and sidestepping the toolbox tango. Perfect for renters keen on keeping their deposits intact, or decor daredevils craving a hassle-free home refresh; our no-drill blinds are here to swoop in and save your decor day! Luckily for you we have a huge range of drill-free window dressings to choose from, so let's dive into the details of each type to help you find the best no-drill blinds for your windows and doors.



Twist&Fit no-drill roller blinds are the peak of convenience when it comes to no-drill blinds. No specific window requirements necessary, just a recess depth of at least 52mm.



Super Speedy Installation: In under 30 seconds with a tension design that keeps your walls looking good as new. 


Easy to Remove: Saving time when it comes to cleaning or giving your space a fresh lick of paint.


Versatile and Functional: Whether you're after blackout, energy-saving, or waterproof options, we've got a Twist&Fit to suit. 


Styles for Miles: Choose from a huge range of colours for a speedy and stylish update. 


Taupe no-drill roller blind in modern kitchenTaupe no-drill roller blind in modern kitchen
Trinity (FR Blackout), Ursine - Twist&Fit Roller Blind


Clip Fit blinds are the go-to for effortless elegance and ease. These 'clip-on' blinds are designed to fit directly onto your uPVC and aluminium windows and doors, they're a dream choice for DIY dodgers and renters alike. 



Straightforward Installation: As the name suggests these blinds simply 'clip' onto brackets which are inserted under the rubber beading of your window (you can find out if your windows are suitable using our handy measuring guide!).


Light Leak Minimisation: Sleek side profiles work wonders in keeping your blinds secure and reducing light bleed, ensuring your room stays cosy.


Door-Friendly Design: These blinds won't interfere with opening or closing patio doors, making them a great choice. They're also suitable for bi-folds provided there is enough room between the doors for the depth of the blind.


Safety Comes First: With a cord-free design, they're safe around the little ones. 


No drill clip fit conservatory blindsNo drill clip fit conservatory blinds
Ecoshade, Maple - Clip Fit Blind
Pure - Clip Fit Venetian


  • Get the sleek style of Venetians without drilling into your walls.
  • Control the light with a clear tilt wand and enjoy easy operation with a neat, adjustable bottom handle.


  • Features a pearlised UV reflective backing for temperature control and protection against sun bleaching, with an adjustable handle for easy operation. 


Step up the seamless look with Perfect Fit blinds, whihc attach snugly to your windows and doors for a clean, integrated appearance. Perfect Fit blinds come in several styles, including Venetian, wooden, and pleated, so you're sure to find the perfect fit for your space.



No Tools, No Tears: These beauties clip into place with a similar bracket system to clip fit, no tools required.


Framed to Perfection: Unlike Clip Fit blinds, Perfect Fit blinds come fully framed making for a sleek window accessory and minimising light bleed. 


Totally Safe for Kids: Designed without cords for peace of mind.


Window and Door Friendly: Perfect Fit blinds are happy to buddy up with uPVC and aluminium windows and doors as long as they have a suitable beading width (which you can check here using our measuring guide!).


Eclipse (Blackout), Haze - Perfect Fit Honeycomb
Bright White - Perfect Fit Pleated


  • Enjoy flexible light control with top-down and bottom-up controls.
  • Available in a range of light-filtering and blackout options for the perfect ambiance.


  • The same convenient top-down and bottom-up controls as Pleated Perfect Fits.
  • Even more light-filtering and blackout options to choose from. 
  • Insulate your home with the comb-like structure of honeycomb fabrics - helping you save money on energy bills in the long run.
  • Protect your fabulous furnishings from UV rays with UV-coated backing.




  • Made with durable aluminium slats guaranteed not to sag.
  • Perfect for adjusting natural light while keeping things private. 



  • Enjoy the timeless appeal of wooden Venetians without reaching for your toolbox.
  • Made from real wood in the UK and treated to resist warping. 
Sulu - Perfect Fit Pleated


Who says adding a dash of sophistication to your windows should involve a saga with drills and screws? Not us! Our Perfect Fit Shutters are here to sprinkle your space with the oh-so-chic allure of plantation shutters, all whilst keeping things delightfully simple. Perfect for anyone looking to up the ante on their home’s style without the commitment of permanent fixtures, these shutters are a quick fix to luxury. 



Effortlessly Stylish: These beauties bring the polished look of traditional shutters to your windows, no toolkit required.


Happy in Humidity: Crafted to brave the elements of your steamy kitchen or bathroom, these shutters won’t bat an eyelash at moisture.


Light and Privacy Control: With built-in tilt rods, you’re the master of ambiance, effortlessly adjusting for privacy or bathing your room in natural light.


Child-Friendly Charm: Safe for homes bustling with tiny adventurers thanks to their cordless design. 


Sierra, Ice White - Perfect Fit Shutter


For ultimate flexibility, Stick Fit blinds adhere directly onto the glass, compatible with all window types in a range of styles to suit your needs.



Flexible Fit: These stick-on blinds are suitable for any window or door, with no specific beading requirements.


Durable and Tested: Designed to withstand heat and condensation and backed by a five-year guarantee.


Style Selection: Choose from pleated, Venetian, and honeycomb, in both light filtering and blackout options.



  • Comes with a UV-blocking pearl coating.
  • Moisture resistant - the perfect bathroom buddies.
  • Light filtering fabrics that offer privacy while retaining a soft, diffused light.


Solaris, Purity - Stick Fit Pleated Blind
Obscura, Chiffon - Stick Fit Honeycomb Blind


  • Energy-efficient with a thermal structure, perfect for keeping your room at a comfortable temperature year-round.
  • UV-blocking coating to keep your interiors protected from the sun’s rays.
  • Moisture resistant to withstand steamy bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Choose from light-filtering fabrics or blackout options depending on your needs.



  • Available in matt, gloss, metallic and satin finishes to perfectly pair with your decor. 
  • Curved rust-resistant slats that reflect heat, keeping your space cooler in summer.



Our no-drill blinds aren’t just a breeze to install; they’re also a dream to maintain and a haven of safety for homes with playful pets and adventurous kids. Take the plunge into our collection and snag a no-drill blind that’s just right for your space, infusing ease and elegance into your home in a flash! 


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