How to fit skylight blinds

1. Peel the adhesive strip on the strip cassette and fix into skylight.
2. Use a masonry drill to create holes where the frame will sit.
3. Guide the fabric into the bristle lined channel and the rail into the head cassette before pushing in.
4. Tighten the screws.
5. Repeat on the bottom half.

When it comes to fitting skylight blinds, it’s important to be accurate otherwise the system won’t work effectively. We’ll provide you with clear instructions for installing your skylight blinds and guide you through VELUX blind fitting so you’ll have your new window dressings working in no time.

Get your tools at the ready to make your fitting process easier. You’re likely to need a ladder when fitting skylights, so make sure someone there to help pass you equipment and hold you steady if your ceilings are quite high. You will also need a masonry drill and a crosshead screwdriver to fit and tighten the screws either side of the strip cassette.

Prepare your skylights before fitting

To begin with, you should give the window frame a thorough clean so that you don’t trap dust that’s hard to reach once your blinds are fitted. Before peeling off the adhesive strip from the back of the cassette, check that the fit is right and snug to the window.

Fitting 247 skylight blinds

1. Start by peeling off the adhesive on the back of the head cassette and fix firmly into the top of your skylight framework, being careful not to obstruct the opening mechanism.

2. Use the screws provided and secure either side through the ready-made holes.

3. To fit the fabric, start with the right side rail and pull the material through the channels and repeat the process on the left.

4. Once you’re happy that the material is level and taut, fix the rails into the top of the cassette where the clips are.

5. Push the rails inwards so that they are flush to the skylight.

6. Once in place, fix your rail at the bottom by screwing it in using the ready-made holes.

Fitting Velux skylight blinds

Here at 247 Blinds, we have a wide range of skylight blinds available including various styles for major window manufacturers VELUX, Dakstra and RoofLITE.

Fitting VELUX blinds is simple. All you need to do is mount the side rails and click your cassette into place and your blinds are ready to go.

1. First clip your cassette into the top of your skylight, pushing until you hear it click around the grey mounts on your frame.

2. At the bottom of the frame, hook your side rail brackets over the edge and use a screw to hold them in place at the side.

3. Take your right side rail and click it into place for a flush finish with the cassette.

4. Repeat on the left.

5. Secure both side rails with screws in all of the ready-made holes.

6. Pull the lead cords down from the cassette and clip them into place on your side rail bracket.

7. Finally remove the clips holding your blind up and tilt the handle to pull it down.

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