Loft Blinds

Skylight Blackout Blinds

Skylight blackout blinds are the only way to effectively stop sunlight from penetrating through loft windows. We have a huge range available, ranging from bright to dark, and plain to patterned. You can be sure to find a style that not only keeps the sun out, but also complements the décor of your room as well.

Not only that, but our blackout skylight blinds are also available for either manual or automatic operation, dependent on your needs.

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We have a number of styles of loft window blackout blinds that are perfect for children's bedrooms. Our Alanis Blackout Collection is the ideal way for kids to add a little personality and character to their own personal space.

For those of you seeking to cut down on energy bills, look no further than our Energy Blinds Collection. Designed with an aluminum honeycomb structure, these blinds have an insulation effect of up to 21%.