Neat Fit Blinds

Neat Fit Blinds are simple to fit and install with no drilling, made for UPVC windows. They are ideal for door applications such as bi-folding doors, French doors, patio doors or your conservatory but equally at home in windows. They DON’T have a frame but hang neatly from a headrail and bottom rail that is attached to the window by small brackets.

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  1. Neat Fit Ecoshade

    The Ecoshade range are a crisp, pleated selection of blinds in a great range of colours and styles, luxury patterns, and deep textured weaves. This means they are a highly decorative and versatile product, The Ecoshade collection are perfect for any window size. The Ecoshade pleated blinds have a coating that reflects warmth and sunlight, but which has no effect on the colour of the blind, this keeps your rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This range of blinds offers a great way of blocking the sun’s glare whilst still allowing the flow of light into your rooms.

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What Are Neat Blinds?

Neat Fit blinds primarily made for UPVC windows and doors. They attach to the UPVC window or door on two small brackets, the brackets slide between the rubber seal on the window and the glass. They require no drilling or screwing and they can be up and in your window or door in a matter of minutes.

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What is the difference between a Neat Fit And A Perfect Fit Blind?

Neat Fit and Perfect Fit Blinds are a very similar type of blind they are both designed to work with UPVC windows and doors. They both clip directly onto the window glass with the brackets supplied and neither don’t need any drilling or screwing to fit. The main difference is that perfect fit come with a full frame that encompasses the full blind and the neat fits don’t.

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What do I need to fit Neat Fit Blinds?

Neat Fit blinds are one of the easiest blinds to fit as they don’t require any drilling or screwing. In terms of tools needed you don’t need anything, the head rail clips onto small brackets that you slide between the black rubber and the glass in your UPVC windows and that is the installation complete. You can have them up and in your windows in less than 5 minutes.

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What Windows Can I Put Neat Fit Blinds In?

Neat Fit blinds are designed for use on UPVC windows, they will work in any UPVC window with the black rubber seal that sits between the glass and the frame. The brackets that come with the blind slide between this seal and the glass and then the headrail of the blind clips easily to the brackets.

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What Styles Can I Get A Neat Fit Blind In?

You can get a Neat Fit in a venetian or pleated style blind. Both of which has a choice of different colours ensuring you will find the ideal Neat Fit blind for you.

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