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Here in Blighty, it’s no secret that we have love-hate relationships with those who live closest to us – our neighbours. We may share a street, but that doesn’t mean we’re all going to get along. At 247 Blinds, we have delved into the murky grey area of neighbourly love and surveyed 2,000 people to discover where you can find the country’s nosiest neighbours.

From the peeking curtain-twitcher to the snooping street gossiper, our research reveals the full extent of the country’s nosey neighbours – and exactly where they’re located.

Britain’s top 5 nosiest cities

Nosey Neighbours in the UK Map Nosey Neighbours in the UK Map Nosey Neighbours in the UK Cities Nosey Neighbours in the UK Cities

At number one we have the UK’s capital city - London. Londoners admit to watching their neighbours through their windows far more frequently than other areas of the country. They are also more likely than anywhere else in the UK to stalk their neighbours on social media, and 1 in 20 admit to having seen their neighbours naked!

Birmingham takes second position, with one in 10 neighbours regularly gossiping about others on the street. Plenty of Birmingham residents also admit that they’re partial to the occasional snoop, taking any opportunity to peer through windows when their unsuspecting neighbours are away.

Nosey Neighbours in the UK Stat
Nosey Neighbours in the UK Stat

There seems to be a bout of window peeking in Sheffield – the South Yorkshire lot the third nosiest neighbours. Residents here are most likely to twitch the curtains to get a good glimpse of what’s going on next door. More than one in 20 also claim that they’ve had a good nosey through a neighbour’s window.

Just missing out on the podium, Edinburgh and Bristol take fourth and fifth respectively. Those in Edinburgh beware - residents in this part of the UK are most likely to snoop around a neighbour’s home when they are away. In fact, more than one in 20 admit to having taken part in this peculiar pass-time.

Nosey Neighbours in the UK Stat
Nosey Neighbours in the UK Stat

Brits certainly appear to be an inquisitive lot, with a quarter deeming themselves nosey neighbours. Overall, one in 10 Brits gossip about our neighbours, despite many of us naming gossiping a pet peeve. Aside from general nosiness, we’re also likely to refuse deliveries for a fellow resident and latch on to a neighbour’s Wi-Fi.

We’ve identified the 25-34 year olds as the nosiest age group among us. They’re most likely to spy on neighbours and look through windows – one in 15 admit to having a cheeky peek. They’re also most likely to stalk their neighbours on social media and indulge in some rather un-neighbourly gossip.

However, the 35-44 age group is also one to watch, as they’re most likely to have seen a neighbour naked!

Love them or hate them, those living just outside the confines of our own homes continue to be a point of interest for many Brits - we’re all guilty of indulging our curiosity every now and then. Still, despite our best intentions to mind our own, sometimes the temptation to twitch the curtains and have a peek is just too much to resist. Are you guilty of being one of Britain’s nosiest neighbours?