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Posted 21/12/2022

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From small bay windows to large bi-fold doors, finding the perfect blinds for your home can be somewhat of a task when you have no idea which blind type is best for your window style. With an abundance of window dressing options, we have compiled this handy guide to help you find the perfect blind for your home. In this guide we will cover our best-selling blinds like our wooden blinds and roller blinds, right through to our new and genius blinds like perfect fit blinds and clic fit blinds to help make your choice easier. So, let’s get stuck in!

Wooden Blinds

YoWooden Blinds are a stylish and practical option for windows of all sizes and styles, they’re a popular choice with our customers and flood the interior design world consistently. They are made up of real and faux wooden horizontal slats that can be tilted and lifted via a child safety-approved cord for privacy and light control. You also have a choice of taped options for an extra tough of luxury. 


Real Wooden Blinds are made from 100% basswood, making them lightweight and durable, while the colours and grain create a gorgeous focal point to the space. Faux Wooden Blinds are made from PVC, which captures the true beauty of real wooden blinds while being durable and functional. 


What are the benefits of Wooden Blinds?


—  Up, Down and Tilt controls for privacy & light adjustment

—  Ultimate privacy and light control

—  Real wood and Faux wood options 

—  An abundance of colours & styles to choose from 

—  A trending and show-stopping addition

—  Durability 

—  Free Samples

—  Suitable for most window sizes

—  5-year guarantee as standard 

—  Free Samples 

—  Handmade in the UK 

—  Moisture resistant and Fire Retardant options 

—  Child Safety design

—  Sleek design

—  A high-quality finish

—  Next day delivery is available 


Measuring and fitting wooden blinds has proved to be a walk in the park for our customers and by following our measuring and fitting guides you’ll be enjoying the view of your newly fitted, stunning blinds in no time.

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Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the most popular blind type in the UK, for many reasons. They’re a single layer of quality fabric, available with blackout and wipeable options, that covers the window and rolls up and down for privacy. They are easy to operate and are ideal for every room in the home. With an abundance of colours and patterns to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a style that suits your decor choice.


So, what are the benefits of Roller Blinds?


—  A wide range of patterns and colours to suit all decor

—  Ideal for small and large windows

—  Waterproof options available

—  Child safety approved cord on every roller blind

—  Free Samples 

—  Wipeable 

—  Save up to 70% as standard 

—  Blackout options 

—  Easy to operate 

—  Available with a motorised option

—  A free 5-year guarantee included

—  Guaranteed Consistent Quality 


Measuring and fitting roller blinds is straight forward and can be done in a matter of minutes,  by following our measuring and fitting guides you’ll be enjoying the view of your newly fitted blinds in no time.


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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds have always been a popular option for our customers, they’re the ultimate blind for privacy. Being made up of a collection of vertical material lengths (vanes) that fill the window or door space and can be utilised for light control and ultimate privacy in your space, they’re perfect for large and smaller windows and doors.


The benefits of Vertical Blinds are 


—  Ideal for large windows and doors 

—  Perfect for privacy 

—  Blackout options

—  Wipeable options 

—  Light Filtering Options 

—  Free Samples 

—  5-Year Guarantee

—  Water-resistant options 

—  Luxury Headrails

Here are our guides to help with measuring and fitting for vertical blinds.

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Day & Night Blinds

Day & Night Blinds aren’t as traditional as a roller blind, they’re a new and modern design that creates a stunning and unique style. With alternating coloured and opaque striped fabrics that glide over each other seamlessly, they offer full privacy and light control. Day & Night blinds use the same headrail as a roller blind meaning they can be fitted in a matter of minutes and are easy to operate. 


So, what are the benefits of our modern Day & Night blinds?


—  Privacy & Light control 

—  Functional and Easy to use 

—  Child Safe 

—  Free Samples 

—  5-Year Guarantee 

—  Easy to fit

—  Modern & on-trend design 

—  Perfect for all-sized windows 


Measuring and fitting Day & Night blinds is exceptionally easy and by following our measuring and fitting guides you’ll be enjoying the view of your newly fitted blinds in no time.

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Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are a luxury option for your windows and add a soft cloth finish, adding thick and luxurious layers of fabric to line the windows beautifully. They are a popular option for bedrooms as the soft cloth creates a warm and welcoming space. Roman Blinds are available with blackout and thermal linded options. 


But, what are the benefits of choosing Roman Blinds for your windows?


—  Blackout and thermal lining options are available

—  A luxury finish

—  5-Year Guarantee

—  Easy to operate & maintain

—  Child Safety Cords

—  Handmade in the UK

—  An abundance of fabric and styles to choose from

—  Great for smaller windows 

—  Affordable

—  Energy Efficient 

—  Free Unlimited Samples


Roman Blinds are as simple as our other blinds to measure and fit, by following our measuring and fitting guides you’ll have your stunning blinds up in no time!


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Aluminium Venetian Blinds 

Aluminium Venetian Blinds are a great option for all windows in the home, they're stylish, functional and promote privacy. Made of aluminium, these blinds are sturdy and durable and come with a free 5-year guarantee as standard. Venetian Blinds are also available in perfect fit frames, meaning there is no need to drill these blinds in, they simply click into your window,


The benefits of Aluminium Venetians are


—  An abundance of colours and styles available 

—  A luxury finish 

—  5-year guarantee 

—  Easy to operate & maintain 

—  Great for all windows in the home 

—  Sturdy and durable 

—  Unlimited Free Samples

—  Child Safety Cords


Measuring and fitting Venetian blinds has proven to be a breeze for our customers with the assistance of our measuring and fitting guides. 

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Shutters are somewhat of a delicacy and will be for years to come, whilst they’re known to be an expensive, luxury options for your windows, they’re also extremely functional and can even add value to your home and save you money on your energy bills by insulating your windows.. Shutters come in three different styles known as Tier on Tier, Café Style and Full Height and surprisingly to our customers they’re actually very affordable! 


What are the benefits of Shutters?


—  Easy to maintain

—  Modern design 

—  Privacy 

—  Free Samples

—  Durable 

—  5-Year Guarantee

—  Energy efficient

—  Temperature Control

—  Sound Insulation


Measuring and fitting your Shutters is a breeze with our handy measuring and fitting guides.

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit Blinds are a wonderful option for French doors and windows, they consist of a frame that fits tightly onto the window or door frame, making them energy efficient. Operated by simply pulling up and down, they are functional and easy to use.


—  Easy to fit directly onto the window frame 

—  5-Year Guarantee 

—  Energy Efficient 

—  Temperature Control

—  Free Samples

—  Child Safe

—  Perfect for conservatories, windows, and French doors

—  No drilling required

—  Ease of use 

—  Modern and on-trend design 

—  Blackout options


Perfect Fit Blinds are extremely simple to fit and require no drilling, making them perfect for those who aren’t too savvy when it comes to DIY.

perfect fit blinds perfect fit blinds

Vista Blinds

Vista blinds are similar to day and night blinds. If you really want to add the ‘WOW’ factor to your windows, then look no further than our fantastic new Vista Blinds – they really are the ultimate in high fashion light control. Strips of high-quality soft fabric sit neatly between two voile panels, giving the illusion that these blinds are floating in front of your window.


For maximum versatility, the strips can be tilted at any angle to provide differing levels of light control, all the way through to total privacy. A stylish enclosed headrail in a choice of modern colours completes the look of these stunning window coverings.


So, what are the benefits of Vista Blinds?


—  Ultimate Light Control 

—  A stylish and unique option

—  Ideal for privacy

—  A great option for bathrooms and kitchens 

—  Blackout options

—  Free Unlimited Samples 

—  Free 5-Year Guarantee


If you need a hand measuring and fitting your vista blinds, just follow our handy guides below.

vista blinds vista blinds

Clic Fit Blinds


Clic Fit Blinds are similar to Perfect Fit Blinds in the way that they fit directly on to the window or door frame, however, they don’t require a frame of their own. Clic Fit blinds slide directly into PVC window frames, making them perfect for 


What are the benefits of Clic Fit Blinds?


—  No drilling required 

—  Energy Saving Fabrics

—  Free Samples 

—  Easy to fit 

—  Modern design 

—  Privacy & Light control 

—  UV reflection coated

—  Designed to promote air-flow

—  Reduce harmful rays from the sun

—  Luxurious Range 

—  5-Year Guarantee


Measuring and fitting for Clic Fit Blinds is easier than most, they simply slide into the edge of uPVC window beading.

Clic Fit BlindsClic Fit Blinds

Loft Blinds

Our skylight roller blinds are ideal for your Velux, Fakro, RoofLITE and Dakstra windows. Just confirm the window manufacturer and window code when you pick the blind of your choice. These are perfect for blocking out the light on those early summer mornings or helping night workers to get to sleep. 


What are the benefits of Skylight Blinds?


—  Blackout 

—  Made to measure 

—  5-Year Guarantee

—  Suit several loft window manufacturers, including Velux, Fakro, Dakstra and RoofLITE

—  Free Samples  

—  Waterproof Options 

—  Energy Saving Fabrics

—  Matching Roller & Vertical options are available 


To measure and fit your skylight blinds, just follow our handy guides below.

loft blindsloft blinds

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