Panel Blinds

Panel Blinds

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24/7 Panel Binds are a new style of blinds designed with a look that is amazing on larger windows or for use as unique room partition. The design is perfect for both modern and traditional homes. A modern twist on regular window coverings, these shades are the ideal alternative to curtains and they’re available to buy online.

Stylish and practical

Easy to use the panels simply slide over each other so you have control over the amount of light that enters you room. TV lovers can enjoy watching their LCD TV without having the display ruined by a window reflection as the panels cover a large area without leaving any annoying gaps.

With the modern trend for floor to ceiling windows and large glass openings, it is very important to be able to control the sun light entering your room so you can get the maximum benefits of large glass window but also have privacy just when you need it.

Our collections feature a stunning range of vibrant trend colours that will make you room pop with style as well as sophisticated subtle shades for a more natural look. From warm reds and blues to fashionable grey tones or bold backs and caramel colours, your panel blinds will become an eye catching feature of your room with a sleek minimalist design that is very on trend.  If light control is a priority for you then selected our blackout option for panel blinds. The lovely fine weaves in our panel track blinds are made with 100% polyester so will not only look good but will be very durable.

Add 24/7 Panel Track Blinds to your room for the ultimate contemporary designer look for windows.

Panel blinds are a stylish way to block out the light from large floor to ceiling windows. They look stunning and feature panels that can slide over one another to let in or exclude as much light as you want.

It’s not only the ease of control that has made sliding panel blinds such a big success, it’s also their practicality in eliminating any annoying gaps that the sun can shine through when it’s not wanted, like when you're watching TV.